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6 Roasting Pans We'll Be Using This Thanksgiving

6 Roasting Pans We'll Be Using This Thanksgiving

All-Clad Stainless Steel Roaster - $159.96

All-Clad has been a favorite among home cooks for its durability, looks, and performance, and this roaster of theirs is no exception. The curved roasting rack is the perfect shape for your turkey and the lifters have that excellent All-Clad design as well. Not only is this guy dishwasher-safe, but it will hold up well in a smoking-hot broiler, too.

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T-Fal Nonstick Roaster - $34.99

While we originally went "blah" about this one, our eyes lit up when we saw it was dishwasher-safe. Do we need to explain anymore? OK, then we’ll also mention that its flat, even surface makes it an ideal roaster for gravies on the stovetop as well.

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Sur La Table Hard Anodized Roasting Pan - $170

The best feature of this roaster is that its hard-anodized construction ensures fast, even heating so that your bird is cooked at its best. We couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of plucking our turkey out of the pan with those bonus lifters, and its limited lifetime warrantee isn’t that bad either, considering its excellent value.

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Demeyere Industry Roasting Pan - $299.95

In addition to being pretty to look at, this Demeyere roaster is durable and also ensures fast and even cooking. We like the spill-proof edges and the handles that are made from shot-blasted stainless steel that have "superior stay-cool properties" (we’re not throwing away our oven mitts just yet, though). Oh, and this silver fox has a Proprietary Silvinox finish, which removes all impurities and makes that glistening shine last a lifetime.

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Mauviel M’Cook Roasting Pan - $119

You can’t go wrong with cooking when it comes to the French, which is why we like this durable roasting pan that will hold up to a 25-pound turkey. Mauviel prides itself on bringing the latest technology from the legendary French cookware maker to the home cook, and this roaster’s flat, even surface makes it one of the best in the industry for creating pan sauces and gravies on the stove. Oh, and, at that low cost, you also get a beautiful dish towel to go along with it.

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T-Fal Aluminum Roaster

If you’re hosting a large crowd this Thanksgiving, this roaster should be at the top of your list. Along with being able to hold a bird as large as 25 pounds, its nonstick interior and exterior make it incredibly easy to clean, and the curved trivet cradles your jumbo turkey as perfectly as you would a baby.

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