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Grandpa's mustache

Grandpa's mustache

Chop the eggs, salt, pepper, flour and a finely chopped onion, mix well until you get a homogeneous meat paste.

We break the spaghetti in half. From the mince we make small pies and in the middle we put some spaghetti. We wrap the mince around them so that the spaghetti is at the ends.

We prepare the sauce as follows: We cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them to harden. Add water and spices. At the end we add the "mustaches" being careful not to touch each other and the finely chopped greens. Let it boil for approx. 20 minutes. If we have leftovers, we can also fill some vegetables. I filled some peppers.

Good appetite!!!!

The legends about Liviu Dragnea's mustache are real! He never took it off! Only in the Army did they laugh at him: & quot; They punished me for jumping the fence of the unit & quot

Liviu Dragnea never took off his mustache. The legend of the most famous mustache in Romania was revealed by him in an extensive interview.

"I didn't take it off (mustache no.). It was my grandfather and father's great desire to let my mustache grow. They were very upset when, due to my not very appropriate behavior in the army. We were pretty crazy in the military. After I went to college, I joined the army on a short-term basis at a unit in Pantelimon. I and other colleagues were cut at zero. They also shaved my mustache. I was the most upset man. I avoided seeing my father until my mustache grew. And my father was upset. They punished me then because I jumped the fence with other colleagues ", Liviu Dragnea told Adevarul Live.

However, Liviu Dragnea wanted to specify that among the "crazy things" he did during his military service was not to go to women. He was more passionate about. shopping.

"Our great pleasure was to jump the fence and walk until the city started. There was a store there and we were going to get something. The great pleasure was when we returned to the unit and we showed the others that we had courage and that we "escaped" and came back. No, I wasn't going to girls. I did a lot of fighting in the army. He was a commander I respected, but he had some unbearable deputies. Every morning the honor was given. The whole unit was gathered in a square on the plateau. When one of the deputies reported to the unit commander, there was grave silence. We can't stand the one who gave the report. He treated us badly, he was very tough in one piece. So I took a dog without a unit and, one morning, I put on his shoulders exactly the degrees that he had and I tied a hat. In that silence and in the gravity of the moment, the first to start laughing was the commander. Of course, I was punished again. But, I was lucky in the army ", Liviu Dragnea also said.

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Mustache in women: how and when to epilate it

There are a number of methods for removing facial hair, it is important to find the one that is right for you, to remove the mustache quickly, without pain and for as long as possible.


The most common method of facial hair removal, waxing, is affordable, fast and has an effect that lasts up to 3 weeks. The mustache can be removed with warm wax, at the beauty salon or at home, but also with cold wax, the latter being a more convenient and faster option.

The disadvantage of this method of epilation of facial hair is that it is quite painful, the hair being removed by pulling. At the same time, the skin can be irritated and must be hydrated very well after the procedure.

The technique by which wax is applied and removed is extremely important, as it is necessary to peel off the wax layer in the opposite direction of hair growth for the procedure to be successful and all the hairs to be removed.

Epilation with & ldquoata & rdquo

Another method of removing facial hair that is based on pulling it from the root is epilation with & ldquoata & rdquo. To epilate your mustache using this technique, you must seek the help of a specialist, who will quickly pull out your entire mustache, wire by wire.


Similar to the "ldquoata" hair removal technique, but much slower, this method involves pulling the facial hair above the upper lip. This method is handy, cheap, but painful and not at all fast. Hair does not grow at the same rate after tweezers so you will have to repeat the operation every few days.

Sugar epilation

Epilation of facial hair with sugar is similar to waxing, the principle of operation being the same. To epilate your mustache with sugar, prepare a mixture of 1 cup of sugar with 2 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, which you will then heat in a pan. Stir continuously and let it boil for about 8 minutes, until it acquires a texture similar to honey. Take the pan off the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Meanwhile, rinse your face, dry it and apply a little powder on the area you will epilate. Using a spatula, apply the prepared mixture on the mustache, then cover it with a piece of gauze or cloth. Press with your fingers, then pull hard on the gauze, which will peel off with the sugar-based mixture, in which your hairs remained. Apply an ice cube to prevent inflammation of the area.

IPL epilation works on the principle of intensely pulsed light and ensures epilation with long lasting effects. The hairs are removed by photoepilation and fall both during the epilation session and in the next 15 days. This type of hair removal involves higher costs, but also has lasting results. For a complete treatment you need 6-12 sessions, depending on the color of your skin and the degree of pigmentation of the hair. It is a rather painful procedure and is not definitive, but must be repeated once every 10-12 months.

Definitive laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has definitive results, unlike long-term hair removal with IPL, which is a procedure that must be repeated at a certain time. This type of hair removal is based on the final destruction of the hair root. In this case, too, several sessions are needed, established by the dermatologist according to the needs of each patient.

Regardless of the method chosen for removing facial hair, after performing the procedure you must follow a few rules to prevent problems. For example, in the case of waxing, it is not recommended to apply scented creams on the skin after the procedure, as irritations may occur. On the other hand, in case of long-term epilation with IPL, sun exposure is contraindicated.

Regarding the period of the month in which you choose to epilate your mustache, it would be ideal to avoid the menstrual period because in those days of the month the skin is more sensitive to pain and you will suffer more than usual due to the removal of facial hair.

Short summary "Grandpa" by Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea

Short summary of the story "Grandfather" written by the Romanian author Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea and published in 1893. Summary of the short story "Grandfather" in which it is about the grandfather who receives the visit of his daughter of the two grandchildren. The boy and the girl pull their grandfather's mustache until the tears pass over him.

Grandpa looks and counts the flowers sitting on the porch. He had white locks over which you said he had snowed for many, heavy years, a mustache, a beard, but his eyes remained soft and caressing. He wondered who was slamming the gate, but there were two children, a girl and a boy. They were red and puffy, and kissed his "Santa's" hands.

The little girl was curious why the birds were flying, but her grandfather clarified it, because they have wings. She says the duck has wings too, so why not fly? He said they were flying but not so high, and asked where the crows and swallows were going. The dancer replied that they were going to the country of roosters, and others to the land of swallows.

The boy said that he wanted to have wings to fly very high and that he would bring two birds and one to the old man.

The children climbed on their knees to the dance. They were singing and clapping when they saw their mother and the old man told her to let the children go to him, and their mother entered the house.

After the mother entered the house, the children and the grandfather continued the fun and, at one point, the children & # 8216 shared & # 8217 the old man's cheeks.

They also shared the mustache and beard, and when they came to split the chin, they shot so hard that the old man felt it too. Her mustache was arguing over how long the strands were and each one pulled until they brought tears of pain to their grandfather. On the cheeks they argued that one is warmer, another more beautiful, the other has a green eye, and another that he has an even more penetrating green and so on until each slaps the other's cheek. And they began to weep until their mother appeared, who was arguing with them, but the old man told her to leave the children with him.

(P) 7 mistakes you make when you take care of your beard

Bearded men have the greatest success in the opposite sex, but the beard means much more than just a passing fad. With strong social, spiritual, political connotations, the beard is an element of masculinity, of rebellion, a return to ancient times, when man was a hero, protector, builder.

Although, indisputably, an irresistible attractiveness factor, the beard does not prove to be as easy to grow as it seems at first sight. It is not enough to give up shaving to have a beard with a fabulous look. And, most of the time, the fact that the beard does not grow as well as you want it is caused by mistakes that you make yourself, sometimes even without realizing it. See what it's about in the rows below!

7 mistakes that prevent your beard from growing the way you want

A rich beard gives you an untamed, extremely sexy look. But in order for no one to resist you, your beard must look flawless. Her growth is not influenced by luck, destiny or genetics, as we seem to believe: although it is true that some men are more gifted by nature in terms of facial hair, any guy can grow a beautiful beard if he takes good care of her.

In this sense, discover in the lines below the mistakes you can make and that disturb this scenario!

Do not use beard oil.

If you should use a single beard care product, it should be an oil. A beard oil will make the difference between an ordinary beard and a completely and utterly extraordinary one. Here are the benefits you will enjoy if you use this product daily: moisturizing effect, both hair and skin, beard with a brighter appearance, fuller and richer, ease of combing and feeling comfort (goodbye skin that eats you terribly under the beard).

Choose a specialized product, for beard and mustache, with extracts of Nigella, beaver, jojoba, olive, argan and sweet almond oils, which nourishes and moisturizes and leaves a pleasant smell of vanilla, cinnamon, vanilla, magnolia and saffron. The product also has antibacterial and calming properties.

Beard and mustache oil & # 8211 Dandy Beard Oil 30 ml

A beard oil that has the effect of moisturizing and shining it will in turn prove to be a fabulous purchase. Opt again for natural ingredients, such as Tsubaki oil, argan oil and vitamin E, with a scent infused with peppermint oil, lavender and rosemary.

Beard oil for hydration and shine - Barber Mind Bebop Beard Oil 50 ml

Don't comb your beard.

You certainly wouldn't skip this step when it comes to hair adornment, so you can't deviate from it even when it comes to your beard. The gesture of combing your beard daily will have a wow effect on his appearance, which will become soft, smooth and silky again. However, as in the case of hair on the head, combing is also recommended because it distributes natural oils in the beard and will prevent dandruff, a phenomenon often associated with a growing beard.

You can't expect your beard to grow like the princes in the story, can you? Gaps in the beard are a nightmare for every man and can make you give up prematurely. What can you do to prevent this dramatic scenario? Be sure to exfoliate the skin well in the areas where the hair is more restricted, in order to accelerate the growth rate of the hair. Also, eat well and get enough sleep to make sure you give your hair all the nutrients it needs to grow properly.

You neglect your mustache.

Not only the beard is important, but also the mustache, because it can compromise the final look. Be sure to carefully remove the scattered strands, stylize with wax or ointment and comb the mustache, just as you do with the chin.

You cut too much and too fast.

One of the most common mistakes that any man has ever made is to destroy his beard pride because of negligence. Especially in the beginning, in the early stages of chin growth, this faux pas can prove to be a nightmare. To avoid it, make sure you cut only very small parts of the beard when the thread is dry, because in the wet state it looks longer. Beard oil will help you a lot in this regard, because it will moisturize and soften the hair, helping you to keep a shape. Also pay attention to your features, because between them and the length and shape of the beard there should be a perfect compatibility.

Don't wash it properly.

The hair in the beard does not have the same needs as the one in the hair ornament, and the way you relate to this fact will make a considerable difference in the appearance of your beard. Do not use the shampoo with which you wash your head when you clean your beard, because it is a mistake that you will soon regret. Thus, you risk drying your hair and affecting the distribution of oils, which will leave the beard rough and can also affect the condition of the skin, dehydrating and flaking it.

You don't really know what you want.

Many of the grievances that men develop about their beard are related to the expectations they have of it. If you are not too sure whether or not you want to let your beard grow, you have not weighed how important its shape and adaptation to your facial features is, it is quite possible that you will fail. Try several styles, go to a stylist and be patient before deciding that your beard is ugly and you can't wait to get rid of it.

These mistakes can compromise both the appearance of your chin and the relationship you have with it. Avoid them, so that you can enjoy an impeccable, wild look, which no one will be able to resist!

Grandpa's dessert - award-winning recipe

Milk gray is for many a childhood dessert. It was mine, and now it's my children's. I made sure it was & # 8230And if my grandfather knew how to make it more interesting for the child of that time, adding cocoa, I tried, in turn, to take it to the next level & # 8230Me it was easy for me, the child of now has Nestle Dessert & # 8230This dessert is simple, delicious, just like childhood. And if time has passed, why not deserve a glamorous cough ?! From time to time, at least. I am preparing this dessert with my grandfather in mind, for my children. Inheritance. Tradition, now. Joy for (good) taste and comfort for troubled minds.

Update, May 31, 2019:

This dessert was awarded in the contest organized by NestleDessertRomania. Thus, for me, Grandpa's Dessert becomes the second recipe published in the NestleDessert Recipe (you can see the first recipe here). Thanks! Thanks!

You can read the story of the dessert below. The text is taken from my original blog, where I published the first version of this dessert.

It's the taste of my childhood! It is simply semolina with milk, but I ennobled it (I consider) in my grandfather's memory.
And here's the story: I was about 3-4 years old and I stayed home only with my grandfather, I don't know, for a day or two. And of course he also made me semolina with milk, but now it was something else, he added cocoa. He, my grandfather, a great lover of sweets (diabetic for a lifetime), he knew that I would like it more. And since then it has remained so. I also prepare cocoa semolina for my children. Well, of course, my grandfather didn't invent cocoa semolina, but Grandpa's Dessert is my composition and it's for my Cocolino, the best grandfather!
Today, January 8, 2018, 7 years after you moved to Life, the 70th recipe published on my blog (no superstitions!) Is for you, good Cocolino!

Ingredients (for 1 bowl of 1 l):

Milk- 1l
Gris- 20 tbsp
Powdered sugar - 4 tbsp
Cocoa - 2 tablespoons (to be a black cocoa, quality)

Ground almonds- 30 g
Nestle Chocolate Dessert Noir- 100 g
Nestle Dessert Chocolate White - 100 g

Method of preparation:

1-Put the ground almonds in a large saucepan (the one in which we will prepare the semolina later), stir over low heat until golden brown.
2-Over the browned almonds add the milk, semolina (all at once) and sugar. All over low heat, stirring constantly with a whisk, until the composition begins to thicken.
3-When it is ready, take it off the heat and add the cocoa. Homogenize with the target.
4-Pour the hot semolina (.) In a bowl rinsed with cold water (.).
5-Cover and leave to cool. After it has cooled, the semolina is poured on a plate (see photo).

6-Nestle Dessert Noir chocolate melts in a bain-marie, leave to cool a little, then pour over the semolina cake. Expect the icing to harden a little.

7-Nestle Dessert Blanc chocolate is also melted in a bain-marie, allowed to cool slightly and poured over the first layer of dark chocolate.

Grandpa's mustache - Recipes

Prince Harry paid tribute to his grandfather, Prince Philip, who died on Friday at the age of 99. Thus, a message was placed on the website of the Archewell organization, which belongs to Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. So far, Harry and his wife have not spoken directly about Philip's death, and speculation has begun in the Kingdom over the couple's possible participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral.

"In Memory of His Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh, 1921-2021. Thank you for your devotion. We will miss you very much. " This is the message displayed on the website of Archewell, the charity and audiovisual production organization founded by the couple last year, writes digi24.

The announcement of Philip's death has sparked widespread media speculation about the attendance at the Kingdom funeral of the couple Harry and Meghan, who currently live in Los Angeles. This is in the conditions in which Harry and Markle are not currently in the best relations with the royal family. Last month, they gave an interview to the American press in which they criticized the royal family and even accused some of its members of racism without specifying any name.

Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99 in Windsor Castle near London, broke in 2009 the longevity record of the consorts of British monarchs, previously held by Charlotte, the wife of King George III, who ruled the Kingdom of Great Britain. between 1738 and 1820.

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