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Nutella biscuit cake

Nutella biscuit cake

There Nutella biscuit cake it's a brilliant idea for one cake without baking. I saw the recipe here and it immediately conquered me, because it is actually made with the principle of my roll without cooking. In short, it is one crafty recipe for a cake with 3 ingredients only, which will allow you to bring a delicious dessert to the table without turning on the oven, therefore perfect for the summer! You can vary the recipe by using white shortbread biscuits, instead of cocoa, or by changing the filling (however, do not use a too light and delicate one, such as cream, because you may have difficulty with the laying of the top layer). The process is quick and easy and the result is delicious, so ... what are you waiting for to prepare this cake with Nutella?


How to make Nutella biscuit cake

First, finely chop the biscuits, then add them to the yogurt and mix to create a homogeneous mixture.

Line the mold with parchment paper, then pour in a little more than half of the biscuit mixture and flatten it with your hands to create an even base, rising slightly along the edges.
Pour the Nutella in the center and spread it on the surface of biscuits.

With the remaining biscuit mixture, create a disc on a sheet of parchment paper, then move it over the cake and compact the edges, then let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

The Nutella biscuit cake is ready: decorate it to taste with powdered sugar and whipped cream and serve.

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