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Thermomix limoncello cream

Thermomix limoncello cream

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Thermomix limoncello cream recipe by of 20-07-2016 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

The limoncello cream is a recipe that I 'stole' from my mother-in-law to then transform it with the Thermomix. Many prefer the classic version of this liqueur while I found this cream even better. Try it for yourself, but take it easy ... it's good alcoholic!


How to make limoncello cream with the Thermomix

Wash the lemons, dry them and cut the lemon peels so as not to cut out the white part.

Infuse the peels in alcohol and leave to macerate, covering the bowl with a lid, for 10 days.

After that time, add the sugar, milk and vanilla essence to the jug and cook for 14 min. at 100 ° C speed 1.

Then add the fresh cream to the jug and cook for 4 min. at least at 100 ° C at vel. 1. With the fresh cream taken from the fridge the temperature could drop so the 4 min. they are rated to bring the temperature back to 100 ° C and to cook the cream for at least 30 sec.

Allow to cool after cooking and after, filtering with a sieve, add the alcohol flavored with lemon peels.
Mix 1 min. at vel. 1.

Pour the limoncello cream into the bottles and put it in the fridge.

Serve the limoncello cream after a very cold week in the fridge.

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