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Cake Pops

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Cake pops are small sweets that resemble chupa chupa in shape, they are prepared with sponge cake or any leftover cake, made in the shape of a ball, put on sticks, then passed in chocolate and finally decorated with colored sprinkles, chocolate flakes or more.
I prepared the cake pops for Elisa's birthday, yes, today the little star turns one, and I used a leftover from a cake experiment that went wrong and covered it all with sugar paste and then applied the letters and compose his name.
These cake pops are one of the many things I prepared for Elisa's party, then as soon as I can I will show you the birthday cake that my sister and I made for her, also because we still have to finish it.
Today is one of those days when I find it hard to write something too sensible, too many are the emotions I'm feeling, too many thoughts, many memories that come to my mind, one of all is the one that brings me back to moment when I met Elisa's gaze for the first time, the one I had fantasized about for all the months of my pregnancy, a clear and unforgettable image that accompanies me every day of my life. For a year now it is her gaze that leads me to give my best, it is she who gives me the strength, it is she who gives me the courage, it is she who does not make me feel tired, it is she with her joy and her enthusiasm who gives me an example on how to live my life. So happy first birthday little star, to you who are the light that illuminates my life, may life give you the most beautiful thing the world has to offer, in the meantime I will try to give you a special party made of many colors and lots of love . Good day to all those who pass by here and special thanks to those who remembered Elisa's birthday, thank you very much for your good wishes, we'll read you later.

Crumble the sponge cake or any cake base in a bowl

Add the cream cheese prepared with mascarpone, powdered sugar and vanilla essence

Mix all the ingredients well

With your hands, form many balls the size of a walnut and place them on a plate. put in the freezer to cool for about 40 minutes

Take back the cake balls and cover them with the sugar paste

Stick the cake pops with the stick and shape well to form balls

Alternatively, stick the balls on the toothpicks, melt the chocolate in a bain marie and dip the cake pops inside, rotating the stick to let the excess chocolate drip.

Refrigerate the cake pops until ready to serve

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