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Roast veal with honey

Roast veal with honey

Recipe Roast veal with honey from of 13-12-2016 [Updated 17-01-2018]

L'roast veal glazed with honey is a rich and fragrant second course. It is a perfect recipe to prepare on these holidays, after all the roast veal is a second dish full of tradition. If you have special guests or if you are looking for a different recipe for roasting, then the one with honey is for you.
An excellent silverside, honey and Cointreau will give a decidedly refined touch to the meat and I am sure it will be appreciated even by the most difficult palates. This morning I start my day with a little slower pace than usual, Elisa goes to school later and is with me at work.
We only have an hour, so instead of messing around in the kitchen, we are dedicating ourselves to making a small Christmas tree and putting some decorations around on the desks: P I'll leave you and go to complete the work, basins and we read more late with a new recipe: *


How to make honey roast veal

Cover the meat with honey, massage it, then let it rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Chop the onion and sauté it in a saucepan with the butter and oil.
Now add the meat and brown it and then blend with the Cointreau.

Now add the boiling broth, cover the roast with a lid and cook for 1 hour, turning the piece of meat halfway through cooking.

Once cooked, lift the roast veal and place it in the heat, then reduce the cooking juices.

Now cut the roast into thin slices.
Sprinkle it with the sauce obtained and bring to the table.

Your honey roast veal is ready.

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