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Stew potatoes and peas

Stew potatoes and peas

Potatoes and peas stew recipe of 20-05-2007 [Updated on 03-02-2017]

The stew with potatoes and peas is one of the first meat dishes I learned to make recently, the recipe is from my mom who prepares one meat stew really at the top. It is a classic dish of Italian cuisine, perfect to prepare during winter dinners, a nutritious and complete recipe, which serves as a main course and side dish.
Ivano loves the stew with potatoes and peas, so when I used it as a guinea pig for my culinary experiment, he was happy to be a taster and he even gave me the dish with flying colors, he said the meat was very tender;)


How to make potato and pea stew

Cut the meat into cubes of the same size. Then flour them well and set aside.

Brown the chopped onion in a pan with the oil. Then add the meat and brown it over a high flame for a few minutes, then add the white wine.

Peel the potato and cut it into cubes of the same size, then add it, along with the peas, to the pan.

Cover everything with the hot broth then cook the potato and pea stew over medium heat for about 40 minutes with a lid. Once ready, lift the lid, season with salt, increase the heat and reduce the sauce.

Then serve your stew with potatoes and peas on plates.

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