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Spaghetti alla puveriello

Spaghetti alla puveriello

Spaghetti alla puveriello recipe by of 26-10-2018 [Updated on 26-10-2018]

The puveriello spaghetti they are a poor dish of Neapolitan cuisine. The dish was born after the war, at that time food was scarce and the most "puverielli", always accustomed to the art of getting by, cooked simple dishes, prepared with easily available foods such as pasta, eggs and lard.
It is about pasta with fried egg that to put it this way may seem nonsense but I assure you that it is a delicious first course, as well as really cheap;)
Girls this morning woke up at dawn, due to the transport strike, and since the train I had to take in the afternoon was canceled, I had to anticipate the departure to be able to go home;) So I left the beautiful Bolzano whence yesterday I held my cooking show in Stuffer's kitchen and I'm on the train towards Naples to be able to hug my husband and my little star.
So I leave you with the recipe for spaghetti alla puveriello and I start responding to some of your messages, basins; *


How to make puveriello spaghetti

Cook the spaghetti in a saucepan with plenty of salted water
Meanwhile, melt the lard in a pan, fry the eggs in the pan with the lard and set aside

Now drain the pasta, put it in the pan with the lard and with the heat off, pour in 3/4 of the grated cheese and a few tablespoons of the pasta cooking water.

Make the portions of spaghetti then place the fried egg on the surface of the plate. Cover with the remaining cheese and freshly ground black pepper. Serve the puveriello spaghetti.

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