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Yogurt and egg white cake

Yogurt and egg white cake

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Recipe Yogurt cake and egg whites of of 14-11-2016 [Updated on 21-02-2017]

Soft and fragrant, the yogurt cake and egg whites is the ideal recipe for a soft breakfast or a delicious break. It is a sweet without butter, therefore lighter, made tender by the presence of egg whites and kept well moist inside by the yogurt. The chocolate chips then give that extra touch that make it truly irresistible !!!
With yogurt cakes you are always on the safe side, and on this cold and rainy Monday I could not publish the most appropriate recipe, prepare it, whether you have leftover egg whites to recycle, or ad hoc for the occasion, it will win you over at the first taste, guaranteed !
Basins to those who pass by here and good start of the week :)


How to make yogurt and egg white cake

Beat the egg whites until stiff adding, a little at a time, half a dose of sugar.

In a bowl, sift the flour, baking powder, remaining sugar and mix.
Now add the oil and yogurt.

Mix the mixture until it is quite compact.

Incorporate the whipped egg whites just before and mix gently from bottom to top.
Now add the chocolate chips and continue to mix gently.

In a greased and floured baking pan pour the mixture and bake at 180 ° C for about 40 minutes.
To be sure of cooking, do the toothpick test.

There yogurt and chocolate cake it is ready to be sliced.

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