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Passatelli in broth

Passatelli in broth

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Recipe Passatelli in broth of of 24-11-2010 [Updated on 03-03-2017]

Passatelli are a typical dish of Emilia Romagna, a poor recipe created to reuse leftovers such as stale bread, hard cheese and eggs. Passatelli in broth are one of the most classic soups of regional cuisine, simple to make and perfect to prepare in winter. To prepare this dish you use a tool called just "iron for passatelli" or alternatively, a potato masher with large holes. Having said that, I'll tell you about my business when I prepared passatelli for the first time ... When it's cold and it's raining outside, in addition to preparing biscuits, I love to eat pasta in broth, but my husband just doesn't go down, so to do a nice plate of soup that was also appreciated by him, I remembered this recipe that I had tasted in one of my gastronomic trips;) I start preparing the broth, I take the bag from the butcher's shop and I realize that the piece of meat is missing for boiled that I had taken .. ok .. patience, I prepare the vegetable broth. I begin to knead the passatelli, I open the cabinet to take the potato masher with large holes and I can't find it, I dig in all the furniture, but nothing, gone! The broth was boiling, the dough was ready and by now it was too late to pull back so I used my potato masher and more than passatelli I got angel hair. To forgive myself, I redid the recipe, this time using the meat broth and the right tool and it went much better, visually they were just like I had tasted them in Emilia;)


How to make passatelli in broth

In a bowl, arrange the eggs together with the breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan, nutmeg, salt and a pinch of pepper.

Mix everything well until you get a compact mixture

Let the dough rest for 5 minutes, then take a little at a time and press it into the potato masher with large holes
Obtain some passatelli of about 5 cm in length that you will place on a cutting board.

Bring the broth to a boil and pour in

When the passatelli come back to the surface (about 4 minutes) lift them with a skimmer and place them on plates with some broth.

Sprinkle the plate of passatelli in broth with grated Parmesan and serve

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