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Vegetarian cabbage rolls

Vegetarian cabbage rolls

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Recipe Vegetarian cabbage rolls by of 26-04-2018 [Updated on 01-05-2018]

The vegetarian cabbage rolls they are prepared, without too much difficulty, after first cleaning and boiling the cabbage leaves. The filling I chose for this recipe is that of potatoes, cheeses and an egg, but of course you can choose to make your own cabbage rolls in the oven totally changing the filling. I proposed the vegetarian cabbage rolls, but in case you let me know which ingredients you opted for;)
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How to make vegetarian cabbage rolls

Remove the outer leaves.
Clean those choices and boil them, one at a time, in plenty of salted water.
Once raised, put them to dry on a clean cloth.

Then boil the potato, peel it and pass it through the potato masher.
Then add the egg and the diced Fontina.

Finally, add the Parmesan and mix.
Then put a spoonful of stuffing on each cabbage leaf.

Wrap the cabbage leaves on themselves and move them into a greased pan.
Cover with pieces of butter and more Parmesan.
Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 20 minutes.

Your vegetarian cabbage rolls are ready to be served.

Video: Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Roll Recipe Tutorial Vegan Dinners (May 2022).


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