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Scallops Di Seitan With Lemon

Scallops Di Seitan With Lemon

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Recipe Seitan escalopes with lemon di on 07-04-2015 [Updated on 26-05-2017]

The seitan escalopes are a dish that I prepare when I don't want to cook meat but want something that looks like it;) The seitan really lends itself to a thousand uses and cooked like a scallop has a really good yield and luckily both me and I like it. Ivano, who also lends himself as a guinea pig in my experiments with vegan recipes. I imagine that today many are dealing with the scales due to the rich dishes of these holidays, so in the next few days I will try not to post anything too succulent, giving you some alternatives a little lighter;) I leave you to recipe today and have a good day: *


How to make seitan escalopes with lemon

In a large non-stick pan, melt a nut of margarine with the chopped rosemary

Cut the seitan into thin slices

Then pass the slices in a dish with cornstarch and salt

Put the slices of seitan in a pan and brown them in the unminito sauce per side

Then add lemon juice and grated rind and cook until you get a narrow sauce.

Serve the lemon seitan escalopes on plates

Video: How to Make A Great Veggie Tagine and Cous Cous. From the cooking vault (May 2022).


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