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Breakfast: toast with Mexican sauce and eggs

Breakfast: toast with Mexican sauce and eggs

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I thought of preparing breakfast for the first to wake up today :)

  • 2 slices of wholemeal bread
  • 4-6 teaspoons Mexican sauce
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 tablespoons oil

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Breakfast: toast with Mexican sauce and eggs:

Heat a pan and add the oil. Fry the bread in oil on both sides.

Remove the bread on a plate and grease it with Mexican sauce.

We mesh the eggs according to our preferences and sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

Place fried eggs over slices of bread and serve with a cup of flavored coffee.

Good appetite and a beautiful day to all!

Ingredient Oua Benedict

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 English muffins (or 2 soft buns)
  • 8 slices of finely sliced ​​bacon
  • a few sprigs of crow onion (or green onion) finely chopped for. sprinkled
  • 1 glass of 150 ml. with vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon grated salt
  • Dutch sauce:
  • 2 yolks
  • 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice (or as much as you like, I put the juice from 1/2 lemon)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 125 grams of melted butter
  • white pepper to taste

Preparation Eggs Benedict

Keep in mind, we have prepared a breakfast for two people, if you have more at the table, increase the amount of ingredients in proportion to the number of people.

This delicious breakfast, worthy of the crowned heads of the Court of England, is not difficult to make if you carefully prepare the ingredients at hand, as well as the necessary dishes and kitchen utensils.

You will need: a pot of about 4 liters for the preparation of eggs a bowl suitable for bain-marie (I used one made of heat-resistant glass) that fits in the mouth of a pan in which you will boil water (if you have the special bowl for bain-marie, chapeau bas, I don't have) frying pan bacon stove or grill or toaster for fried muffins.

Take the butter out of the fridge in time, separate the yolks for sauce, make sure all used eggs are very fresh, for. that they will be partially cooked, squeeze the lemon and boil water in both pots (pans), both for boiling eggs and for bain-marie, be careful not to fill the bain-marie, the water should not reach the bottom of the bowl when placed on top.

Until the water reaches boiling temperature, heat the pan and fry the bacon slices until crispy, then remove them on paper towels.

When the water boils in the container prepared for bain-marie, go on to prepare the Dutch sauce, for which I recommend you follow Dutch Sauce recipe already published, including in video format (click on the link).

When the water boils in the 4-liter bowl prepared for boiling the eggs, add salt and vinegar and reduce the heat to a minimum. The 4 eggs are carefully broken in the pot, without throwing them from above, and the egg white is quickly gathered with a spoon around the yolk. Keep in boiling water for 3 minutes then remove with a whisk on a kitchen napkin, to be served immediately.

The muffins are cut in 2 in width and fried on the cut side (preferably to fry while the eggs are boiling, to be ready at the same time).

Place slices of fried bacon on each fried muffin, after it has been greased with 1 teaspoon of sauce (or butter, but it seemed to me that there is enough butter in this recipe).

Carefully place 1 boiled egg on top of the bacon.

Cover the sandwiches thus assembled with plenty of Dutch sauce and sprinkle with finely chopped crow onions (I only had green onions).

Serve immediately, two per serving and for the 5-6 minutes it takes to soothe the wonder with great appetite, even if you feel like a lord!

Scrambled eggs

I really like breakfast recipes and I think this can be easily noticed, because this is the richest category of recipes on my blog. The variants in which eggs can be cooked are innumerable and I really like to experiment and find new recipes. We took this scrambled eggs recipe from Gordon Ramsay and it is the one that was the most successful in our family and the one I make most often.

Eggs are very creamy, some may think they are really raw, but they are perfectly cooked, only that the mixing process and then adding the cream make them extremely soft, almost liquid. Ramsay says there are some important rules for these eggs to come out right: first, the most important thing is not to cook too many eggs, salt is only added at the end, butter is added along with the eggs from the beginning, for a velvety texture and during the cooking process mixes continuously.

Scrambled eggs are served on a slice of toast (preferably with mayonnaise) toasted, and if you want, you can place next to them some fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes like Ramsay or some asparagus pulled in the pan, even some feta cheese, smoked salmon or avocado.

English Breakfast & # 8211 English Breakfast

I think the avalanche of TV material about the jubilee of the Queen of Great Britain aroused a lust in my brain there. Lust for an English breakfast. I know, many people think it's crazy to eat sausages and beans in the morning, but I like it. Plus, let's be serious, we don't eat every day, do we? How does English breakfast differ from the so-called continental breakfast? Well, the second one usually involves pastries (croissants and others) in addition to milk / tea / coffee. But the first one contains a lot of & # 8220stuffs & # 8221 and is so consistent that it supplies you with energy all day long.

To give you an idea, I tell you that, depending on the region, we find in English breakfast: eggs (eggs, starch or in water), bacon (grilled or fried in oil), sausages (& # 8220normal & # 8221 or blood sausages) ), beef, french fries, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions (fried rings), bread (fried in a pan or toaster), scones and even muffins. This is to review just a few of the ingredients that can be included in an English breakfast. Obviously I chose what was most convenient for me and I like it more (if it's still about lust: P). One big problem: my English breakfast is a real & # 8220bomba & # 8221 caloric :(. A solution to remedy the problem would be to split the portion in two (that is, from the amounts mentioned, to result in 4 servings instead of 2).

Ingredients (for 2 servings):
& # 8211 eggs 4 pcs.
& # 8211 raw-dried bacon 8 slices (110 g)
& # 8211 spicy sausages 8 pcs. (90 g)
& # 8211 tomatoes with tail 8 pcs. (200 g)
& # 8211 toast bread 4 slices
& # 8211 beans 1 can (240 g after draining)
& # 8211 oil 4 tbsp
& # 8211 onion 1 pc. mica (35 g)
& # 8211 garlic 2 puppies
& # 8211 dried thyme 1 teaspoon grated
& # 8211 bay 1 leaf
& # 8211 tomato paste 35 g
& # 8211 salt, pepper

For bean stew, heat a tablespoon of oil in a saucepan. Saute onions (sliced) and garlic (passed through the press). Put the thyme and bay leaf, as well as the boiled beans (drained). Add half a cup of hot water and simmer for a few minutes. Add the tomato paste, mix well and season with salt and pepper. Let it boil for a few more minutes (be careful not to drop all the juice) and keep it warm.

Heat a grill pan and brown the bacon slices and tomatoes. Heat the rest of the oil in a pan and fry the sausages (you can also make them on the grill pan, but it takes a little longer). Remove the sausages in a plate lined with paper napkins (to absorb excess fat). Fried and eggs, preferably: mesh or scrambled. For scrambled eggs, put only a tablespoon of oil in the pan. Beat the eggs and put them in the hot pan. They will start to coagulate, so turn the heat to low and start mixing them with a spoon. Stir continuously until you have a creamy texture, but without the egg being raw. I like not to beat eggs before, to have some two-tone scrambled eggs :)! Don't forget to put a little salt and pepper over the eggs!

Put on a large plate: two eggs (scrambled in this case), 4 slices of bacon, 4 spicy sausages, half a bean stew, 4 tomatoes and 2 slices of toast.

Here is the version with scrambled eggs. Served under a ray of sunshine, with a strong coffee and a glass of orange juice next to it: D.

Breakfast with eggs and bread

Sometimes I have this feeling: the number of combinations between egg and bread, resulting in an edible breakfast, is infinite. Sure, but who's counting?

Two or three days ago I built this: two holes in two slices of bread. The slices in the pan, the holes (I'm sorry, what had been in their place) at Tito.

I broke one egg in each slice.

This is hard with one hand, but you learn.

I kept the slices like that for two minutes.

I then turned them upside down.

I also put a slice of cheese on them.

After a minute and a half (at most two) I took them off the fire. And I ate them.

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Good morning! Super idea.

it's super good and delicious☺☺☺☺

I tried something similar, inspired by what Evey's V was cooking in & # 8222V for Vendetta & # 8221 :)

Hard to break an egg with one hand! :) But your idea for breakfast is easy to put into practice!

This is exactly how I like eggs, I made them for the first time a few years ago without being inspired by anything in particular and since then I have been improvising on this theme.

And this is a recipe from my mother at home, less cheese.
I've never eaten so much.
I have to do it too. Thanks for remembering!

I really liked the idea. I have a problem, is there any fat in the pan?

Adrian, you're losing it! When do you put another real recipe and not a 10-15 min., Made in a hurry, as in the last two weeks ?! It was like this was about the blog, not about traffic and posting for the sake of posting. We are waiting for Recipes!

victoria, I have over 1000 recipes on the blog. of all kinds. for almost all categories of people who cook, from inexperienced to advanced. that's what I have to offer now. if you receive it's good, if not, it's good again. I usually make claims when I buy a product, not when I get it for free. they answer only out of politeness, not because I think a justification is needed.

I agree with Victoria. Well, maybe it could be formulated a little differently, what can I say.
In other words, some readers would prefer rarer but slightly more complex posts.

I emphasize, it's just a suggestion and that's it, basically everyone has his own calculations and his free time, obviously.

And forgive me, the free argument seems out of place. One at hand because there are ads on the blog (which are based on readers, respectively traffic). And two in hand, although it seems hard to believe and free things can be refused. Didn't you happen to refuse the gritty fittings from the subway? Or to refuse cola bottles offered at promotions (because you are not used to consuming carbonated products for example)?

Only good and I hope I'm not misunderstood.

Radu, that's what I say, you can refuse. But it's one thing to refuse and another to throw things in front of a man.

Victoria, as if you are in a joke with the American who, after years of helping his ancestral village with generous sums, informs her that he will have to stop helping, because now his boyfriend is leaving for college and has other priorities. The mayor, after consulting with the sole of the village, sends him a letter back: no mo gheo, congratulations for the lad, but aren't you a little ashamed of mo gheo's cheek to send him to school with our money?
It's as if Adi has an obligation to you to honor you only with more elaborate recipes (and original muses) & # 8230
And by the way, the blog is about what its author wants it to be. It's very simple, if you don't like it, don't visit.
@ Radu: I'm wondering if it wouldn't be fairer for Adi to share the advertising revenue with you fairly, because you just passed by here and you deserve a little too & # 8230 I'm just saying & # 8230

@Victoria & # 8211 don't really agree with your post, I don't think the specific of the blog is to have only recipes in which you have to spend half the day in the kitchen & # 8230sometimes it's really a challenge to make a good meal , nutritious in just a few minutes.
Adi, all your ideas are appreciated!

to me it really seems ideal this recipe for a breakfast, it seems special though, considering that everything in this world is reinvented we also need & # 8222incropeli & # 8221 to at least believe that we are special even though we are still people we all eat the same things: P Thanks for the idea!

And I believe in good and simple things, I don't ask for an Escoffier every day. But maybe I have too high expectations. My bad, I understand now!

I read more culinary blogs. I don't think anyone knows where to post something every day, like Adi's. In the best case, it is posted once every 5-6 days. So I appreciate the effort, I don't think Adi gains so much from the blog as to justify this effort.

Plus it is one of the most professionally made blogs, from which the advertising does not annoy you, your browser does not work slowly just because 5 pop-ups open as you entered the page. And that doesn't bother me either, considering that I have access to recipes for free.

Finally, I don't go in here just for recipes. I come in because I like the atmosphere.

Victoria, because you still seem to be a fan of romgleza, here's some food for thought. Think about that!

What a simple but beautiful idea! Thanks Adi!
I always appreciate your creativity.

Interesting breakfast & # 8230 :)
I think I'll try it on Saturday too.
It's just that I'm going to use cheese instead of cheese.

After all, that's what Creativity / Suggestion is all about. For some time I wanted to buy some shapes for making eggs and more. Simpler than that I don't know exists :), of course if I have bread :))
Thumbs up!

Olympia Dukakis cooks eggs like this in Moonstruck

adi, you are super. I would also be interested in some new recipes for children, I don't know if you have them on the site, I keep watching them intermittently :), but as a mother I would need some new ideas so please on behalf of the mothers who are following you & # 8230 guide you on the right path :). thank you

on are part of the recipes of the Clean Plates project, a project for children in kindergartens

Don't bother reading malicious comments, we who have been following your blog for a long time know what you can and appreciate your work and passion for cooking.
Today's recipe is a super simple idea that I think a lot of us haven't even thought about.
Andreea: on there are a lot of recipes specially designed for children, I even tried a few and my little boy was very excited. Try it and you will see.
All the best!

Radu and Victoria, let me understand that you have prepared all the recipes on the man's blog and now you are bored, do you want something new and sophisticated? To be fair, it means I still have to pedal

bravo carmen!
Adi, you taught me to eat breakfast, so for me the idea is welcome, and to know that this mess works and that lunch at the casserole at work, it's great and cold!

Culinary recipes in pictures

I haven't posted a recipe on the site for a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't cooked in the meantime. It's just that for various reasons I haven't had as much time to show you what I've prepared one of the recipes cooked and enjoyed in the meantime is the benedict eggs, a 10+ grade breakfast. You will see for yourself whether this is the case or not along the way

Recipe Eggs Benedict

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 2 large yolks (3 if smaller)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • 2 teaspoons dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 100 grams of butter

Egg toast with parmesan and sesame

2 eggs, 4 slices of bread, 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, sesame seeds, salt and pepper.

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, break the eggs, add the grated Parmesan cheese, sesame seeds, salt and pepper to taste.

We beat them with a whisk until they combine.

We soak the slice of bread on both sides in parmesan egg and fry it in a hot pan with oil, until it gets a reddish crust.

When the slices are ready fried, we arrange them in a serving plate and decorate them with salad leaf, tomato slices and grated Parmesan cheese.

Toasted bread

Bread should not contain eggs, milk or other such ingredients. In addition, it must be a bread that is easily sliced, without breaking.

2. Use the right heat source

For a toast with dry core and crust, you must use the oven. For example, when you want something to nibble on and want to fast, you can slice a loaf of bread, then cut each slice in half. Without adding any ingredients, put the bread in a pan and bake for about 10 minutes. Check it from time to time and remove the tray when you think it is sufficiently fried.

If you want the bread to keep its crispy core only on the surface, remaining soft inside, you must use a grill.

You can also do this with a toaster or sandwich maker.

3. Use oil to grease the bread

As you cannot use butter in fasting, the oil is the most suitable natural vegetable fat with which to grease the bread and with which to bind the rest of the ingredients. Choose an olive oil for flavor.

4. Choose ingredients for flavoring

Oregano, parsley, garlic are some of the herbs you can use for toast. Salt and pepper are suitable spices, if needed.

From these ingredients you can make various combinations with which to grease the bread and toast.

For a satisfying dish, prepare separately fried mushrooms, olives or olive paste, onion sauce, rubbed tomatoes with garlic, eggplant salad, etc.

Eggs in bread

eggs in bread
If you like toast and want to try a special recipe, prepare it in French style, with cinnamon. Ingredients for french toast with cinnamon 1 sliced ​​bread for toaster 4 eggs cinnamon butter 2 tablespoons vanilla 1 cup [..] Other information about: bread, cinnamon, vanilla

Spring egg salad

eggs in bread
Spring egg salad is a good idea to use eggs that will be left over after the Easter meal. [..] Other information about: eggs, recipes, salads, pasta recipes, egg salad

Eggs with mushrooms and toast

eggs in bread
Eggs with mushrooms and toast are ideal for a hearty breakfast. They are tasty and fragrant and are a filling meal, which gives you energy for the whole day. [..] Other information about: eggs, recipes, mushrooms, toast, eggs with mushrooms

Spinach, egg and tomato salad

eggs in bread
Spinach, egg and tomato salad is nutritious and is a delicious dish for those who like to eat raw spinach leaves. [..] Other information about: balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, eggs, olive oil, spinach, salad

Tomatoes stuffed with eggs, ideal for a quick and easy meal

eggs in bread
Tomatoes stuffed with eggs are the ideal solution for a quick and easy meal. It cooks in just a few minutes and you don't have to spend much time in the kitchen. [..] Other information about: egg tomatoes, red recipes, stuffed tomatoes, tomatoes

Breakfast recipe: toast with cinnamon

eggs in bread
Cinnamon toast is a traditional French Toast. The preparation can be made with your favorite syrup and is suitable for breakfast. [..] Other information about: cinnamon, sour cream, milk, burnt sugar cream, sugar, eggs, breakfast, butter, toast

Spread with eggs

eggs in bread
If you have a few Easter eggs left and you don't know how to use them, you could be inspired by our recipe for egg sandwiches. [..] Other information about: sandwiches, eggs, recipes, egg sandwiches

Italian soup with eggs

eggs in bread
Italian egg soup is ideal for a delicious and filling lunch. Traditionally, it is prepared from chicken soup, eggs and greens, but if you add some pasta, chickpeas and arugula, its flavor will be special. [..] Other information about: chicken soup, soup recipes, Italian soup, egg soup

Remnant recipe: bread pudding with butter

eggs in bread
When you want to make something to eat without having to go to the store, use the ingredients you have in the kitchen and leftovers from other dishes. One such dish is bread pudding with butter. [..] Other information about: milk, eggs, vanilla, butter, bread, sugar, raisins, pudding

Egg clouds, a delicious breakfast for the whole family

eggs in bread
If you are tired of the classic boiled or fried eggs, try a different recipe. Egg clouds are ideal for a delicious breakfast, or even for a light dinner. Moreover, the little ones will be delighted by the fluffy clouds on the plate. [..] Other information about: egg clouds, baked eggs, egg recipes, eggs

Egg salad, ideal for the package at work! It fills you with energy

eggs in bread
Is it hard for you to decide what to prepare for the package at work? We have the solution for you! Include boiled eggs in your diet! They are simple and easy to prepare and give you the energy you need. In addition, they are full of protein that helps you focus on daily tasks. You can eat boiled eggs as such, or with vegetables and cheeses, or you can prepare a delicious egg salad. [..] Other information about: work package, lunch recipes, simple recipes, egg salad, egg recipes, quick recipes

Egg salad and curry

eggs in bread
If you like eggs and onions, try a spicy egg and curry salad, pigmented with peanuts and apples. It is a special combination that will not leave indifferent your guests to whom you can serve this salad as an appetizer. Ingredients for egg and curry salad 5 [..] Other information about: eggs, salad, curry

Breakfast recipe: toast with oranges

eggs in bread
For a hearty breakfast, try a new food. You can make a toast with oranges and maple syrup. [..] Other information about: oranges, milk, eggs, recipe, butter, bread, toast, breakfast recipes

Recipe from leftovers: appetizers with toast

eggs in bread
If you have leftovers such as steak, cheese, ham, pickles, make them a plate of delicious appetizers. Toast bread, cut it to a regular shape, put the filling and serve with appetizer sticks or toothpicks. [..] Other information about: vegetables, milk, food, eggs, cheese, appetizer, meat, leftovers

Potato dish with eggs

eggs in bread
You can try this delicious food on one of the cold winter days. It is made very quickly and is suitable for a late dinner. [..] Other information about: food, eggs, recipes, potatoes, potato food

Spicy egg salad

eggs in bread
Spicy egg salad can be an appetizer or even a light and nutritious lunch. It can be served plain or with lettuce leaves. [..] Other information about: salt, apple, onion, curry, eggs, appetizer, nuts, salad, yogurt, chives, egg salad

3 recipes with eggs that you will love

eggs in bread
Eggs are often the main ingredient for a healthy and high-protein breakfast. Many prefer them because they are easy to prepare, do not cost much and are versatile. If until now you used to eat eggs in the form of an omelet, eggs or boiled for breakfast, it's time to try something new. Discover three recipes with eggs, easy to prepare, that the whole family will love. [..] Other information about: breakfast recipes, egg recipes

How much food do Romanians consume monthly

eggs in bread
Following a survey conducted in the first quarter of 2013 by the National Institute of Statistics, a Romanian consumed, on average, 12 eggs per month, 1.2 kilograms of cheese, 3.4 kilograms of fruit, 5.8 liters of milk, 8.5 kilograms of bread and 2.15 liters of drink. [..] Other information about: cheese, milk, eggs, fruits, Romanian food

French toast with fruit

eggs in bread
Breakfast must provide the daily energy needs and, obviously, it must be ready in a short time. [..] Other information about: recipes, fruits, desserts, french toast, french toast fruits

Eggs boiled in water without shell

eggs in bread
Eggs boiled in water, without shell, are more difficult to make until you learn the technique. After mastering it, however, you can prepare a delicious breakfast or brunch. [..] Other information about: eggs, breakfast, boiled eggs

Egg sandwiches and ham

eggs in bread
Panini is a specific Italian dish, widespread and appreciated throughout the world. Panini can be prepared with any combination of ingredients. [..] Other information about: tomatoes, eggs, sandwiches, egg sandwiches and prosciutto

Sandwich with eggs and tomatoes

eggs in bread
Sandwiches are a quick way to have a snack at the office or at school to replace lunch. [..] Other information about: tomatoes, eggs, recipe, culinary, food, sandwich

Moroccan eggs with sauce

eggs in bread
Do you want to prepare a delicious lunch, with a special aroma, which is very easy to prepare? We offer you a Moroccan egg recipe with sauce. [..] Other information about: eggs, egg recipes, Moroccan eggs, eggs with sauce

5 recipes with eggs that you must try!

eggs in bread
Do you like eggs, but you're tired of omelettes and mesh and you don't know what else to cook? We offer you some recipes for special dishes with eggs, which do not require much time to prepare and whose taste is special. You can prepare them for breakfast, but they can also be a good choice for an aperitif, at a festive meal. [..] Other information about: simple recipes, appetizers, egg recipes, eggs, quick recipes, stuffed egg recipes

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32 comments on Fried Ice Cream

lots of honey, with ground roasted nuts, pistachios or a thick chocolate sauce, as preferred

And I guess she dresses in honey, doesn't she?

I tried the recipe and it's delicious, try it too!

How many calories does such a portion have? Happy to those who can afford such a thing

iami i think it is delicious & # 8230 & # 8230.

Mrs. Laura, you are an exceptional woman. I have a little secret, but maybe you ate these wonders in Chinese restaurants but the recipe is originally from Mexico :), well with a few modifications but it's a wonderful dessert equal to where it comes from. all the best :)

Magdalena, thank you for telling me. :) Indeed, from the southern hemisphere to North America, this dessert was only served to me in Chinese restaurants, which seemed to have talked to each other to include it. with everything in the menu :)). The truth is that I never had the opportunity to step into a Mexican restaurant :).

I ate fried ice cream 10 years ago at a restaurant and I know it also had a crunchy walnut coating :) a real madness and I couldn't explain how cold ice cream can be kept in that hot coating & # 8230. At the first opportunity, I will prepare your recipe for my monkeys who love ice cream. I wish you good health.

Thank you, Mirabela. I am waiting for you with impressions!

I ate fried ice cream 10 years ago at a restaurant and I know it also had a crunchy walnut coating :) a real madness and I couldn't explain how cold ice cream can be kept in that hot coating & # 8230. At the first opportunity, I will prepare your recipe for my monkeys who love ice cream. I wish you good health.

I ate fried ice cream 10 years ago at a restaurant and I know it also had a crunchy walnut coating :) a real madness and I couldn't explain how cold ice cream can be kept in that hot coating & # 8230. At the first opportunity, I will prepare your recipe for my monkeys who love ice cream. I wish you good health.

God, what does it look like! You're a miracle Laura! I don & # 39; t know if I will ever dare to do such a thingâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; I'll keep you posted.

Only words of praise for you, dear lady. Thank you for existing. That being said, regarding the fried ice cream, I do it differently. I give it (ice cream) first through crushed cornflakes, then I leave it in the freezer for 1 hour .Step2: put the ice cream balls in beaten egg and then roll them again in cornflakes. Put them back in the freezer for 2 hours. Then fry for about 10 seconds in very hot oil. Madness!

Madi, thank you very much for reading me :)! Thanks also for your version of fried ice cream, it can only be delicious.

Dear lady! First of all, I want to congratulate you for this wonderful blog that I discovered just a few days ago and since then I don't stop reading recipe after recipe, it really captivated me. I really like the recipes, the completely unique combinations that you propose, but also the traditional recipes that I vaguely remembered from my childhood and that I thought I lost forever. Thank you for everything!

I arrived here after watching the Cherry on the cake show on Sunday night in which Adrian Enache cooked fried ice cream. I found this recipe a challenge, so I hurried to look it up on the internet and, by my chance, I found it on your blog. Well, today is a holiday, so I prepared it for my family. It's the best dessert I've ever made and I'm sure I'll repeat it many, many times! Thank you from the heart!

Loredana, thank you very much for the words of praise. I'm so glad
you like my blog and that, here, you have already tried one of the recipes. I have
I made this recipe a few times at my daughter's request and we liked it
madness every time. I'm glad you had a great time with her, too
will be fine!

Girls, did anyone try to fry ice cream, after all? : P It's very easy, it's done in a game!

Video: Δεν θα Ξανακάνετε Άλλο Πρωινό αν δοκιμάσετε αυτή την συνταγή!! - How to Make One Pan Egg Sandwich (May 2022).


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