Traditional recipes

Royal pizza

Royal pizza

-flour is mixed with salt and oil.

- warm water mix with 1 tablespoon of sugar, yeast (mix well and leave the mixture for 15 min)

-after 15 minutes add this mixture in the middle of the flour, mix with a spoon until it binds (I also put 50 grams of butter cut into thin slices) and then knead with your hands (I slice it a few times the table so it comes out fluffier)

-the dough is left to rise for 2 hours, I leave it in the fridge for 3 hours, it grows the same and comes out better

-after the dough has risen, put it on the table sprinkled with flour and cut it into 2 pieces, form 2 balls and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.

- grease the pizza trays with oil, or put a baking sheet

-stretch the dough with your hands or the facetette in a round shape (but a little bigger so that the edges can be bent). too thick I cut them in half)

-bend the edge of the dough to cover the sausages, and increase the edges by about 1 cm. Turn each cut piece with the section up so that the sausage can be seen.

- put the tomato paste on top (I make the tomato paste I do it like this: I mix the broth with 3 tablespoons of oil, salt, a pinch of sugar and 2 tablespoons of oregano)

-Put it in a preheated oven to bake well (it would be good if it bakes too hard to cover the oven on top with an aluminum foil, so that the sausage does not burn), when it is almost ready, take it out and put sliced ​​sausages on top, sliced ​​or halved olives and mozzarella, or whatever you want

-Put in the oven, when it is ready, take it out, cut it into slices and serve it

Good appetite!

Pizza Vatra Domneasca Iasi

Searching for Pizza Vatra Domneasca Iasi information? You are in the right place. At you can find everything you want to know about Pizza Vatra Domneasca Iasi. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! So find info and order pizza online!

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    Pizzeria Domneasca - Order online, pay in cash or online, we will deliver at home or at the office

Pizzeria Domneasca, Iasi - Restaurant Reviews, Photos.
    Oct 11, 2019 & # 0183 & # 32I return to Iasi every year to visit my family and always stop at Pizzeria Domneasca. There is an atmosphere there that invites you not to rush, but to take your time and spend it with good friends over a glass of wine.4 / 4 (74)

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    Check our delivery menu or on the spot and order quickly onlineCuisine: Pizza

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    Aug 14, 2008 & # 0183 & # 32The price for a pizza is a bit higher than other pizzerias, or most. The taste that only the wood hearth gives and the way the pizza is prepared is fully worth it. An average pizza is 13.5 RON and a large one is 16.5 RON. About here. If you know the exact prices, let me know. Pizzeria Domneasca also makes orders at home.

Pizza Domneasca / Iasi - Eva City
    - greets us with 12 kinds of pizza, the house specialty being called differently than & quotPizza Domneasca & quot (Prague ham, peasant ham, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives) - the decor does not excel in anything, but is rather modest, but pleasant, benches and unfinished wooden tables and some rustic decorations.5 / 5 (11)

The best pizza in Iași - Pizzeria Domneasca, Iasi.
    Pizzeria Domneasca: The best pizza in Iasi - See 74 traveler reviews, 43 candid photos, and great deals for Iasi, Romania, at Tripadvisor.4 / 4 (74)

Pizzeria Domneasca - Home - Iasi - Menu, prices.
    Pizzeria Domneasca, Iași. 6.5 K of appreciations. For a delicious pizza baked with wood and other quality products, we are waiting for you at PIZZERIA DOMNEASCA. Thank you for being with us.4.2 / 5 (251)

VATRA DOMNEASCA SRL from Catamaresti Deal Str. Freesias 7.
    Information Vatra Domneasca Srl CIF 29038003 J07 / 314/2011 Str. Freziilor 7 Catamaresti Deal. Find out contact data, financial information, debts to budgets, cases in court, activityEUID: ROONRC.J7 / 314/2011

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Do you want to know where you can eat the best pizza in Galati?

The best pizza in Galati is not always easy to find. In order for you to avoid failed attempts and unpleasant experiences, we will show you in the following which are the locations in your city where a varied assortment of delicious pizza awaits you.

Article updated on 5.01.2021

MozzArt Pizza
The secret for the best pizza in Galati is definitely in the carefully chosen ingredients. At MozzArt they make sure they are among the best. If you want a fresh pizza that is in tune with the weather outside, we highly recommend the Parma pizza. Delicious but also healthy, with a ripened dough, tomato sauce and latte thrill, and after baking arugula, mozzarella prosciutto crudo, cherry tomatoes and parmesan, the taste of this pizza is unique and unmistakable. What's more, through the Food Panda application, you can have it right at the office in no time.

Fresh pizza, with a thin, crispy and baked hearth. BonaPizza works according to the motto & # 8220Quality maintains health & # 8221 that's why the staff with 10 years of experience in the field helps you discover the true flavor of a pizza on the hearth. If you love two layers of pizza and you can't decide, at BonaPizza you can take both because you get one for free at any pizza ordered. Order any pizza from the 26 assortments and you will receive a free pizza of your choice.

From Tonino
At Da Tonino you can find pizza with a fluffy top and original taste made by the Neapolitan pizzeria Romano Antonino according to specific Italian recipes and with carefully chosen Italian products. Their secret for a quality pizza is the dough that is left to mature for 1 to 3 days. Yes Tonino brings the taste of true Italy in Galati through dishes as only a true Italian can. In addition to the usual pizza recipes, you can try from the so diverse menu the 11 really special types of Pizza. Here you can find pizza for all tastes.

Union Jack
At Union Jack the best pizza in Galați is prepared according to a traditional Italian recipe, with a thin top and ingredients of the best quality, fresh and delicious. 6 assortments of pizza waiting for you to taste them and choose your favorite. From the classic Margherita pizza to the unique Turkish Pride pizza, which brings the taste of Turkey closer to you through the unmistakable aroma of mutton in a pan seasoned with a parsley salad with red onions. And if you are looking for something new, you can also find Crazy Nutella Pizza at Union Jack. The classic pizza is transformed into a provocative dessert with the help of the unmistakable taste that Nutella has. Did I convince you? Run to Union Jack.

C House Galați
The modern atmosphere and the design with Italian influences invite you to enjoy here the tastiest pizza in Galați. Among the wonderful dishes specific to Italian cuisine is the famous pizza. 7 assortments of pizza and 2 delicious assortments are freshly prepared for you to enjoy the taste of Italy. Pizza con Vitello is the perfect option when you want to try something new in terms of pizza. The pizza top that blends harmoniously with mozzarella, beef and french fries will surely surprise you in a very pleasant way. It's worth trying at least once. You have to take our word for it!

Hello Pizza
A delicious pizza, which you can enjoy with your loved ones, friends or at the office, with delicious topping and fluffy top. Alo Pizza is the home delivery service offered by Restaurant Alltime, one of the best restaurants in Galati. Try various assortments such as bacon and artichoke pizza, a spicy pizza, or the delicious homemade pizza.

For appetite or hunger, you can find the best pizza in Galați at Pizzarela. Give yourself a moment of flavor and try one of the delicious pizza assortments on the Pizzarela menu. Pizza con Pollo not only has an appetizing appearance but also a balanced taste. Carefully selected ingredients, such as cream, mozzarella, chicken breast and bell pepper, make Pizza con Pollo a real delight.

Pizzeria D’Agostino
You can find the best pizza in Galați baked in a wood oven at Pizzeria D’Agostino. The diversified menu includes both classic and original recipes, designed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. At home or in the office, you can choose to enjoy one of the pizza assortments at Pizzeria D’Agostino. If you are a big fan of cheeses, Formaggi Speciali pizza, with Cheddar cheese, Pesto cheese, chives and garlic cheese and truffle cheese, will be a real delight.

Italian pizzeria Vera Napoli Galațand
Here is the place where the best pizza in Galati is cooked by the Neapolitan pizzeria Romano Antonino, using only ingredients of Italian origin. An Italian pizzeria concept with Italian products and pizzeria will delight you with the true taste of Italy. The leavened countertop in 48 and 72 hours gives it a special tenderness. Count Alex's pizza contains, in addition to the inviting mozzarella countertop, capers, anchovies, cherry tomatoes and basil. Doesn't that sound delicious?

Royal Pizza Galați
A wide range of assortments and the best pizza in Galati. You will definitely find this at every order at Royal Pizza Galați. The undeniable offer, a pizza plus another free one will be the reason why you choose to order from Royal Pizza Galați. If you don't know what to choose and love the spicy taste, try Hot Chilli pizza, with mozzarella, spicy salami, cabanos, onions and chilli. If you need something light, try vegetarian pizza, with a crispy top and topping of mushrooms, olives, peppers, corn and onions.

Pizza Romana
If the whole shopping session you just finished at the mall made you want to eat, you have the opportunity to try the best pizza in Galați. Pizza Romana welcomes you with a varied menu, with countless assortments of pizza, but also other delicious dishes. And if you are with the little one, Pizza Romana is waiting for you with a special pizza for children. It contains the best ingredients such as chicken breast, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

Here are other pizzerias and restaurants in Galati where you can order a delicious pizza:

Jar de Jar
Address: Galati Rizer street 35 D 800366 Galați
Phone number: 0236 333 333

Pizzeria Luca Galaţi
Address: Str. Domneasca no. 13 Galați
Phone number: 0746 893 987

Pizzeria La Vecinul Galati
Address: Ionel Fernic no. 22 A 809025 Galați
Phone number: 0754 965 055

Pesto Pizza Galaţi
Address: Str.Tecuci nr.200 Galați
Phone number: 0787 225 141

Alltime Bistro
Address: Str. Siderurgistilor, Nr. 9, pp. PS2
Phone number: 0236 469 034

Ca Jou
Address: Street: Str. Domneasca no. 85 800215 Galați
Phone number: 0748 226 462

Restaurant Hazard
Address: Strada Brailei, nr 159 800367 Galați
Phone number: 0740 169 851

Restaurant Serafin
Address: str Domneasca, nr 130 opposite the Public Garden 800201 Galați
Phone number: 0759 410 367

Pizza with Taste Galaţi
Address: 175C Brăilei Street, Galați 800402
Phone number: 0762 860 000

Pizzeria Maria
Address: Strada Movilei 90A, Galați 800090
Phone number: 0742 347 971

Pizzeria Calabria
Address: Strada 1 Decembrie 1918, Galați 800552
Phone number: 0751 044 895

Wow Pizza
Address: str. Fagului, no. 2 800246 Galați
Phone number: 0755 500 126

Pizza Hut
Address: Shopping City, 251 George Coșbuc Boulevard, Galați 800552
Phone number: 0749 131 542

Diamond Pizzeria
Address: Tiglina I Complex, Brăilei Street, Galați 800402
Phone number: 0749 428 610

Express Pizza
Address: 240 Brăilei Street, Galați 800402
Phone number: 0236 322 025

Pizza Station (Gourmand Galati)
Address: 144 Brailei Street, Kaufland Galați precinct
Phone number: 0742 047 544

Top Pizza & Fast Food
Address: Str. Siderurgistilor, no. 35 800481 Galați
Phone number: 0742 955 536

Jonny’s Pizza & Grill
Address: 157 Brăilei Street 800319 Galați
Phone number: 0236 707 085

Full house
1. Address: 1 Decembrie 1918 Street, Galați 800552
Phone number: 0757 578 991
2. Address: 101 Domnească Street, Galați
Phone number: 0752 291 018
3. Telephone number: 0236 000 999 (Ţiglina 1)

Vulcano Pizza and More
Address: Bulevardul Brailei Nr 140 (Tiglina2 BUS Station) Galați
Phone number: 0751 077 300

Where do you order the best pizza in Galati? What is your favorite assortment?


Contrary to popular belief, [evasive wording] pizza is certainly not native to Italy. [requires citation] In fact, it is not known who "invented" this delicious food. [value judgment] Although Mediterranean culture has early variants rooted in their diet, similar variants have been discovered in Egypt, Babylon, and the Persian Empire. It is known that in ancient Greece they ate a round and flat bread, on top of which they put various spices and ingredients. Additionally, in the ashes resulting from the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 74, they found evidence that a round loaf of flour was consumed on a large scale at that time in Pompeii and Neapolis (Neapolis being a Greek colony that later became the city of Naples). But the truth is that pizza could be invented by anyone who discovered the secret of combining flour with water and heating this dough on a hot stone.

The term "pizza" was first mentioned in a Latin text dating from 997, discovered in a southern Italian town near Naples. According to him, a farm worker had to give the bishop of the city 'two dozen pizzas' (twenty pizzas) on the occasion of Christmas and Easter. The term itself can come from a multitude of words:

  • from the Greek word "pikte" (meaning "kneaded hull"), which in Latin became "picta" and later "pitta"
  • from the Latin term "pliers" (meaning "to beat"), which can refer to the process of flattening the dough)
  • from the Latin word “picea”, which may refer to the fact that it darkens in the oven or
  • from the Italian term “pizzicare” (meaning “to shoot”), referring to the fact that pizza is pulled out of the oven.

In Italy, the city that is closely linked to pizza is Naples. Here this dish became very popular among the poor, especially because it was very cheap to prepare, tasty and filling. Additionally, probably due to the fact that pizza was so loved by the poorer inhabitants, the edge of the pizza is thicker than its center. Thus, poor people, even if their hands were dirty, could hold a slice of pizza in their hands and eat it, without soiling the part they ate. Of course, at the end the edge of the pizza was thrown.

But this period was just the beginning of pizza, a dish that can be found anywhere in the world today, being one of the most popular dishes.

The history of modern pizza began with the bringing of tomatoes to Europe from America in the 16th century. At first, however, they were suspected of being poisonous, like other plants in the Solanaceae family. In the 18th century, the poor of Naples used to put tomato sauce over their flatbread. That's how the pizza we know today was born. Over time, it gained popularity and tourists came especially to the poor areas of Naples to taste the various pizza recipes prepared by pizzaioli.

This dish was originally marketed at outdoor kiosks. In the form of such a kiosk was established in 1738 the first pizzeria, "Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba", which opened around 1830 in Naples in the form that pizzerias have today, with tables and chairs, and is open and today. Alexandre Dumas tells us that in those years pizza was the staple food in Naples and that it had various ingredients, such as cheese, tomatoes, oil and anchovies. Also during this period it is believed that pizzaioli began baking pizza in the brick oven. Another famous pizzeria is "Da Michele" (opened in 1870), where many consider it to be the only Pizza Marinara and Pizza Margherita. Marinara is the first pizza recipe. Margherita was the first to put cheese on it. It is attributed to Raffaele Esposito, who worked at the pizzeria "Pietro. E basta così" ("Pietro. And arrives") (opened in 1880), which still exists today, under the name "Pizzeria Brandi". Legend has it that in 1889 King Umberto I of Italy and his wife, Queen Margherita, embarked on a tour of the country. During the travels, the queen became intrigued by the flat bread with ingredients on top, which was enjoyed by ordinary Italians. Thus, he asked his guards to bring him a slice as well. As she liked this food very much, the queen ordered Raffeale Esposito to prepare several varieties of pizza, not caring that the people in the royal court did not like the fact that the queen eats the same thing as the common people. Thus, the Esposito baker prepared three kinds of pizza for the queen: one with bacon, cheese and basil, the second with garlic, oil and tomatoes and the third with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil (the colors of which represented the Italian flag - red, white and green) . This last assortment was the queen's favorite, and the baker Esposito named this kind of pizza after her: Pizza Margherita.

Nowadays, the Veridice Neapolitan Pizza Association has very strict rules regarding the preparation of an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Thus, the pizza must be baked in a wood-fired oven, the dough must be kneaded and flattened by hand, without the use of tools (this is why pizzaioli prepare pizza by rolling it with their fingers in the air). In addition, the diameter of the pizza must not exceed 35 centimeters, respectively the dough cannot be thicker than 1/3 cm in the middle [1].

From Palas to the Palace, through the old Royal Court

Few people from Iași know about the archeological site, located between the eastern wing of the Palace of Culture and the Palas complex and where are, among others, the walls of several houses dating from sec. XV-XVII. This is because the respective fragments were covered a few years ago by the former Summer Theater. With the construction of the Palas ensemble, they saw the light of day again.

& bdquoThese particularly important vestiges for the history of Iaşi were captured & icircn project from & icircnceput & ldquo, explained the architect Mihai Drişcu, the head of works of the Palas project.

& bdquoThe study we are currently working on includes an investment in that space, namely a construction that will house and protect the ruins - after, obviously, they will be investigated in detail by archaeologists & ldquo, said the architect.

On the other hand, at the beginning of August of this year, the developer of the Palas ensemble obtained the urbanism certificate, necessary for the steps taken in the process of arranging / conserving the ruins of the Royal Court. The PR department of the complex confirmed to us that, during the elaboration of the study, the team of architects coordinated by Assoc. arch. Mihai Drişcu had consultations with the members of the Iaşi Historical Monuments Zonal Commission. In the next period, the final concept will be presented to the committee in order to obtain the opinion. After this stage, the steps for obtaining the necessary authorizations for the work will be initiated.

At this point, the ruins are protected by a temporary construction, which allows for an interior view. Over the old walls, still standing today, you can see part of the platform of the former Summer Theater that rests on concrete blocks.

& bdquoA was a pretty brutal construction & ldquo, described Mihai Drişcu the cast foundations & icircn anii & rsquo60 over the walls then dug at about three meters deep.

& bdquoFrom the European experience, ru & shyinele can be kept & laquoin in situ & raquo, - that is, discovered, visible -, be protected from the weather or be & icircn spaces & icircncho & ldquo, explained the architect.

The architects are still working on the solution that will be adopted in the end, given that the remains are only a few meters from the Palace of Culture. They say things are going harder because of strict regulations in the field of historical monuments. The PR department assured that the current approach of the Palas ensemble - which depends on the pace at which those empowered by the state to regulate solutions work - is to contribute to the arrangement and conservation of these vestiges.

Pizza Domneasca Menu

Searching for Pizza Domneasca Menu information? You are in the right place. At you can find everything you want to know about Pizza Domneasca Menu. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! So find info and order pizza online!

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    Pizzeria Domneasca - Order online, pay cash or online, we will deliver at home or at the office Pizzeria Domneasca. Menu 60-90 MINUTES AND I HAVE ARRIVED! . with a hot meal. Pizza Menu. Paste Menu. Salad Menu. Desert Menu. See the full menu.

    Fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, egg, baked potatoes, french fries, bell peppers, onions, baked peppers, corn, smoked, garlic, spinach, broccoli, pineapple.

    Be ready! One day you will get hungry and we are ready to serve you with premium pizza specialties. Real pizza is made in our country, respecting the tradition that pizza has had since its origins and offering the best way to bake.

Pizzeria Domneasca, Iasi - Restaurant Reviews, Photos.
    Oct 11, 2019 & # 0183 & # 32Pizzeria Domneasca, Iasi: See 74 unbiased reviews of Pizzeria Domneasca, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked # 37 of 237 restaurants in Iasi. . You need to try pizza and ice cream. The restaurant is good for a dinner and to hang out with friends or family. Date of visit: July 2019. Thank 376mateit. Orly68. Bethany.4 / 4 (74)

Curtea Veche Buzau menu Order now: 0744.79.89.89.
    sliced ​​chicken 100 g, sliced ​​mutton 80 g, cabbage salad 80 g, tomatoes 15 g, pickles 20 g, french fries 100 g, red onions 10 g, parsley 5 g, hot peppers 10 g, stick on hearth, spicy / sweet sauce 20 g

Pizzeria Domneasca - Home - Iasi, Romania - Menu, Prices.
    Pizzeria Domneasca - Str. Palace no. 20-22 vis-a-vis de Palatul Culturii., 700019 Iasi, Romania - Rated 4.2 based on 250 Reviews & quotGreat Pizza Place to eat & quot4.2 / 5 (250)

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    Royal House, Slatina, Romania. 3.9K likes. Restaurant with a wide range of dishesFollowers: 4K

Pizzeria Domneasca - Home - Iasi - Menu, prices.
    Pizzeria Domneasca, Iași. 6.5 K of appreciations. For a delicious pizza baked with wood and other quality products, we are waiting for you at PIZZERIA DOMNEASCA. Thank you for being with us.4.2 / 5 (251)

Curtea Veche Restaurant & Pizzeria Buzau Str. Homeland 92
    We are waiting for you every day with traditional food, delicious pizza and many other tasty dishes Buzau, Str. Patriei 92 Orders-Reservations: 0744.79.89.89

6 perfect ways to love

Do you want a different conception of love? Well, it's not true that in a couple, one loves more and the other less. And it is not true that dialogue, communication have a guaranteed effect on your relationship. If you don't fit, you can tell yourself absolutely everything, without any positive results.

And if you stay to & # 8220marry & # 8221 as much as you love him and as much as he loves you, more than likely you will reach a wrong result. Why? Because you are two different people, who feel and manifest differently. To balance two types of feelings would be like comparing three miles to seven kilometers, without adapting one unit of measurement to another.

Do you feel that you are no longer given a chance to meet the dream you have always dreamed of? Do not be scared. There is a theory, rooted in the philosophy of Antiquity, which offers you a much more beautiful and complete vision of love. By referring to it, you will perhaps more easily understand some of the "mysteries" that surround your love affair.

The ancient sages discovered that there are six ways in which a man can manifest his love. And it can be said that, until today, nothing has changed. If you go through the & # 8220categories & # 8221 listed on the next page, you will find that each lover corresponds, for the most part, to a single description.

Of course, a model is completed with features of other categories. In addition, it is very possible that the same person will change, over time, the way he loves.

So, if you find that it largely corresponds to the genre & # 8220ludic & # 8221, it is not necessary to tell yourself that he will never succeed in behaving like a real & # 8220 family head & # 8221. And if you find out you're one of the "possessive" people, don't think that jealousy will keep you from keeping it. It's all about how much you fit in or the chance that, at some point, your ways of loving will become compatible.

He is very lucid, very sensitive, he only feels happy if he has something to talk to you about.
Of course he loves you, but he finds it enough, innocent and beautiful to hold hands and talk about the noblest and most spiritualized things. When he imagines that more might happen between you, he quickly dismisses such unworthy thoughts of a true philosopher.

You would rather be masterful and courteous. Sex? No way. It can only alter the purity of your feelings, make you feel used. And, if you may never ask for & # 8220this thing & # 8221, you would reach perfection!
Age: too young, too mature or maybe just marked by some unpleasant experiences.
Chances of evolution: with the same partner, towards the Pragmatic or towards the Adorer. The youngest have enough chances to reach maturity Refined or Possessive Erotica

  • YYY Very strong & # 8211 Platonic, Worshipful
  • YY Medium & # 8211 Pragmatic
  • Y Minima & # 8211 Erotic, Ludic, Platonic

He believes that love is the deepest and most constant feeling. Faithful, mastered, he prefers to dream of the home you will establish and he will always strive to understand you and to be with you. He's the kind who thinks there's only one love in life, and that's, of course, you.

Gentle and calm, you know that all you want is to respect and love you. You would do anything for him as long as he would do anything for you. After all, nothing is more important than a family in which harmony and fulfillment reign.
Age: Mentally, you have long passed the adolescent phase. Among the youngest, it is easier to find a Pragmatic than a Pragmatic.
Chances of evolution: Do you think you can love more than that? Maybe (quite rarely) another one, which will change your style in Adorer or even in Erotic.

  • YYY Very strong & # 8211 Pragmatic, Adorable
  • YY Medium & # 8211 Erotic, Platonic
  • Y Minima & # 8211 Ludic, Possessive

Altruistic, incurably romantic, he put you on a pedestal and, whatever you do, you can't convince him that you're not really a goddess. He reads to you, every night, the last poems he wrote to you, he kisses your feet or he prefers to look at you, for minutes on end, when you put on make-up. Oaths of love ?! It suffocates you.

Although very sensitive, you are able to endure almost anything from him. It's all about loving you at least a little bit, and even if it sometimes hurts your feelings, you're willing to forgive him, because it's normal, that's how men are, harder & # 8221.

Age: either one. Basically, when you fall in love the first or even the second time. But you can suffer from it even after you get bored of a too docile partner.

Chances of evolution: with a stable partner, in Pragmatic or just the opposite, in Possessive. With someone else, any of the other options.

  • YYY Very strong & # 8211 Platonic, Erotic, Playful, Pragmatic
  • YY Medium & # 8211 Possessive, Worship
  • Y Minima & # 8211 None

He thinks you belong to him completely and he never misses an opportunity to tell you. Jealous, he always reproaches you, even for no reason and sometimes quite violently, that you don't love him as much as at the beginning. Instead, he would be able to avenge you for the slightest insult that someone else would do to you.

If there were no other women in the world, you would be extremely happy. It always seems to you that he doesn't pay enough attention to you and that he looks a bit & # 8220after skirts & # 8221. Temperamental, you often react too harshly, but even so you exert a special fascination on him. Maybe you're a little stressed with reproaches, but he certainly feels the most beloved man.
Age: The spirit of possession does not depend on age and does not decrease in intensity over time.
Chances of evolution: If you have an extroverted nature, it will always be the same. Only a stable partner has the power to change you: in Adorer, in Pragmatic & # 8230 A new love can turn you into Erotic & # 8230

  • YYY Very strong & # 8211 Pragmatic
  • YY Medium & # 8211 Erotic, Playful, Adorable
  • Y Minima & # 8211 Possessive, Platonic

Sweet and, perhaps, naive, he thinks that everything between you is like a beautiful game. She always likes to be different, to caress and caress you. Funny, with a rich imagination, sometimes a very good dancer, he never bores you, but he annoys you a bit when he refuses to behave seriously too.

You want him to be your lover and & # 8220tatic & # 8221 at the same time. You feel lost when he is not near you to tell you exactly what to do and protect you. Are you sure femininity means sweetness, fragility, exuberance, whims & # 8230
Age: You can reach the age of 60 without losing your desire to play. If your responsibilities are not burdened, you have a good chance of remaining the "eternal child".
Chances of evolution: Maturation can make you go, successively, through all the ways to love.

  • YYY Very strong & # 8211 Erotic, Adorable
  • YY Medium & # 8211 Possessive, Playful
  • Y Minima & # 8211 Pragmatic, Platonic

The ideal lover considers that the most important thing in a relationship is physical love. In general, tender and ready to satisfy any pleasure, he wants to prove to you at all costs that he is the best lover and is not shy to put into practice his most fantastic erotic dreams. But he can become a real tyrant when he notices that he has subjugated you.

Mysterious, sensual, you carefully plan the moments you will spend together. Modesty? Don't get into your vocabulary. You can be extravagant or even wild. But, whatever you do, it is important to live both unforgettable moments.
Age: To dream of this? Anytime. Overcoming inhibitions? Many times, not so early.
Chances of evolution: With the same partner, towards Pragmatic or towards Possessive. If fidelity is not your strong point, you can rather anchor yourself in Erotic.

Pizza Iasi Domneasca

Searching for Pizza Iasi Domneasca information? You are in the right place. At you can find everything you want to know about Pizza Iasi Domneasca. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! So find info and order pizza online!

Pizzeria Domneasca - Order and pay online - Pizzeria.
    Pizzeria Domneasca - Order online, pay in cash or online, we will deliver at home or at the office

Pizzeria Domneasca - Home - Iasi, Romania - Menu, Prices.
    Pizzeria Domneasca - Str. Palace no. 20-22 vis-a-vis de Palatul Culturii., 700019 Iasi, Romania - Rated 4.2 based on 250 Reviews & quotGreat Pizza Place to eat & quot4.2 / 5 (250)

Pizzeria Domneasca, Iasi - Restaurant Reviews, Photos.
    Oct 11, 2019 & # 0183 & # 32I return to Iasi every year to visit my family and always stop at Pizzeria Domneasca. There is an atmosphere there that invites you not to rush, but to take your time and spend it with good friends over a glass of wine.4 / 4 (74)

THE 10 BEST Pizza Places in Iasi - Tripadvisor
    Best Pizza in Iasi, Iasi County: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Iasi Pizza places and search by price, location, and more. . Pizza Places in Iasi View map. Map. Satellite. Map updates are paused. Zoom in to see updated info. . Pizzeria Domneasca. 74 reviews Closed Now. Italian,.

The best pizza in Iași - Pizzeria Domneasca, Iasi.
    Pizzeria Domneasca: The best pizza in Iasi - See 74 traveler reviews, 43 candid photos, and great deals for Iasi, Romania, at Tripadvisor.4 / 4 (74)

Pizzeria Domneasca - Home - Iasi - Menu, prices.
    Pizzeria Domneasca, Iași. 6.5 K of appreciations. For a delicious pizza baked with wood and other quality products, we are waiting for you at PIZZERIA DOMNEASCA. Thank you for being with us.4.2 / 5 (251)

Pizzeria Umami Home delivery Iasi
    The Umami story starts from our desire to be able to order food at home that rises to the quality of premium restaurants, with the best quality ingredients and masterfully cooked. We wanted to be able to offer something that does not exist on the market in Iasi and which, in general, is difficult to find on the Romanian market.

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    Pizza Hut, Iasi. 519 likes & # 183 13 talking about this & # 183 2,452 were here. Enjoy delicious products in the friendly atmosphere of our restaurants, with friends and family 3.2 / 5 (71)

Pizzeria Umami Home delivery Iasi
    Umami invites you to enjoy the perfect taste of dishes fresh out of the wood oven, prepared according to original Italian recipes, with ingredients specially brought from Italy, delivered at any time to your home or office.

The word & # 8222puscarie & # 8221 was born in Piata Unirii

Constantin Brancoveanu, domnitorul Tarii Romanesti intre 1688 si 1714, a ridicat in anii de sfarsit ai secolului al XVII-lea un depozit de armament langa Curtea Domneasca, in zona actualei Piete a Unirii. Initial, s-a numit Turnul Pulberariei si era folosit exclusiv pentru depozitarea prafului de pusca si a pustilor armatei domnesti. In timp, unele spatii ale acestui turn au inceput sa fie folosite ca loc de detentie a celor retinuti de autoritati pentru culpe minore: hoti de buzunare, nerespectarea unor datorii, incalcarea unor proprietati, in special ale boierilor etc. Era mai mult un loc de detentie pasager, inainte ca cei vinovati sa fie pedepsiti pentru faptele lor. La acea vreme, detentia nu era considerata o pedeapsa in sine. Autoritatile impuneau legea prin bataie, mutilare, decapitare sau munca silnica, in special in ocnele de sare. De unde cuvantul ocnas.
Spre deosebire de infractorii marunti, detinutii periculosi, in special tradatorii, adica detinutii politici ai vremii – boierii care nu ascultau de domnitor sau incercau sa unelteasca impotriva lui, sa-l toarne la sultan – erau inchisi in celulele special amenajate in beciurile Curtii Domnesti.
La 1770, Turnul Pulberariei este trasnit si ia foc. Se pare ca incendiul a fost unul de proportii, deoarece este mentionat in scrierile epocii. In aceste documente cladirea este numita „Puscarie Domneasca”. Este pentru prima oara cand acest cuvant apare in limba romana. Tot in hrisoave se arata ca pulberaria era deja loc de detentie in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, adica intre timp se largise si se imbogatise cu noi celule. Totodata, a fost ridicata si o cazarma langa „puscarie”, pentru trupele de arnauti. Istoricii considera ca notiunea de „puscarie” nu se putea naste brusc, la 1770, ci a existat inca din perioada lui Brancoveanu, dar a aparut mentionata doar in momentul in care locul a fost legat de un eveniment iesit din comun.
Sunt descrise, cu lux de amanunte, si pedepsele aplicate puscariasilor in actuala Piata Obor, pe un podium special amenajat. Osanditul era urcat intr-o caruta fara coviltir, in fata „puscariei” si dus incet pe actuala Cale a Mosilor – pe unde se plimba azi dealerii de droguri in mertane – cu o pancarta de gat, un fel de eticheta din lemn pe care scria fapta pentru care era osandit: talhar, criminal, violator sau calpuitor. Acestia, calpuitorii, erau falsificatori de bani, in sensul ca turnau monede cu un gramaj mai mic de metal pretios. Aceasta infractiune era foarte aspru pedepsita de autoritati.
Ajuns in Obor, era dat jos din caruta si „muncit”. Acesta era termenul folosit pentru corectia aplicata. Sanctiunile erau de obicei foarte sangeroase, de la bataia cu biciul, la mutilari sau decapitari, dupa Codul penal bizantin. In general, hotilor li se taia mana, iar violatorilor penisul. Dupa executie, partea de corp desprinsa era batuta in cuie pe gardurile din preajma si tinute acolo cateva zile, pentru ca multimea sa vada ca nu este bine sa incalci legile. Mai mult, chiar si tigvele celor decapitati erau pironite pe uluci, tot pentru prevenirea infractiunilor. In aceeasi ordine de idei, trebuie spus ca executiile erau publice, pentru ca gloata sa vada ce li intampla raufacatorilor. Se spune ca, la acea vreme, bucurestenii refuzau sa-si manjeasca mainile cu sange. Altfel spus, nu prea existau calai. Pentru a rezolva problema, autoritatile au apelat la serviciile unor familii de tigani, care au acceptat aceasta slujba si s-au stabilit in perimetru. Este posibil ca unii dintre tiganii care stau acum in zona sa fie urmasii acelor calai.
„Puscaria Domneasca” s-a dezvoltat mai departe, la inceputul secolului al XIX-lea fiind mentionat aici si un „Tribunal de Criminalion”. La 1847, cladirea a ars din nou. Se mentioneaza reactia puscariasilor, care au fost scosi in mare viteza pentru a nu arde de vii. Dupa ce a fost stins focul, ei s-au intors singuri la celulele din care iesisera.

Puiu Mamii – investiție de 40.000 de Euro în pandemie

Fabrica Ospitalității, compania care deține restaurantul bucureștean Red Angus Steakhouse, divizia de livrări Red Angus Delivery și cafeneaua RUA Espresso Bar, anunță deschiderea rotiseriei Puiu’ Mamii, pe Calea Traian nr. 248. Noul local va funcționa în regim de takeaway și livrare, urmând să își întâmpine oaspeții și la interior, după ridicarea restricțiilor, impuse de către autorități.

Conceptul restaurantului a fost gândit împreună cu Next Root Management Systems, agenția de consultanță HoReCa implicată în proiect. “Primul pas, când am creionat Puiu’ Mamii, a fost să analizăm situația actuală, previziunile și să studiem comportamentele de consum și nevoile comunității noastre. Astfel, am înțeles că există o cerere majoră pentru stabilitate, constanță și confort – valori care au urcat pe lista priorităților consumatorilor. De aceea, am pus la punct un concept sigur, care să limiteze timpul de așteptare al oaspetelui în restaurant și să reducă interacțiunile, asigurând, în același timp, un nivel de calitate ridicat.”, declară Dragoș Panait, fondator Next Root Management Systems.

Meniul restaurantului este unul restrâns, creat în jurul cărnii de pui de origine locală, atent selecționată de la fermieri români, marinată în casă și preparată la rotisorul Dorégrill. Echipamentul este recunoscut pentru calitate, tehnologia sa asigurând o gătire uniformă a cărnii și legumelor, ce devin crocante pe exterior și extrem de fragede la interior. Designul atrăgător al cuptorului beneficiază de o suprafață mare de sticlă, ceea ce oferă transparență procesului de gătire, permițând oaspeților noștri să vadă preparatele înainte de a le fi servite.

Cei care aleg Puiu’ Mamii se pot bucura de produse precum puiul rotisat întreg sau la jumătate, pulpă sau piept, precum și de garnituri cum sunt cartofii rumeniți la rotisor, ce preiau din savoarea puiului și pilaful făcut în casă. În plus, meniul include supe calde, preparate zilnic, în bucătăria proprie, griș cu lapte sau clătite cu dulceață. “Am optat pentru tehnici de gătire aparent simple, care scot în evidență aromele ingredientelor. Lucrăm doar cu materii prime de calitate, oneste și cu rețete apreciate atât de cei mici, cât și de cei mari, fiindcă ne dorim să recreăm gustul de acasă, ce ne amintește de mesele în familie și de clipele dragi.”, continuă Ionuț Ivan, coproprietar.

Restaurantul beneficiază de propria sa divizie de livrări, ce acoperă, în prezent, sectoarele 2 și 3 ale Bucureștiului. Ambalajele folosite sunt extrem de eficiente în captarea căldurii și a aromelor, ceea ce le oferă clienților opțiunea de a trăi experiența de restaurant oriunde se află.

Puiu Mamii – o investiție de 40.000 de Euro, realizată în pandemie

Restaurantul Puiu’ Mamii a presupus o investiție de 40,000 de Euro, alocată amenajării și echipării bucătăriei. Piesa de rezistență a fost rotisorul Dorégrill, importat din Franța, special pentru acest proiect și personalizat în culorile brandului. “Dorégrill este un producător specializat în cuptoare de rotiserie, o afacere de familie, cu aproape 60 de ani de experiență. Am interacționat prima dată cu produsele lor la începutul acestui an, în cadrul unui târg internațional, desfășurat la Dusseldorf, în Germania. Ne bucurăm că am ales o companie cu expertiză, care inovează constant și care, la fel ca noi, își păstrează abordarea orientată către client.”, declară Ionuț Ivan.

Pentru început, reprezentanții Fabrica Ospitalității vizează aproximativ 70 de clienți pe zi și un bon mediu de 37 de lei / persoană. Aceștia urmăresc activarea comunității din proximitate și a clienților din sectoarele 2 și 3, unde restaurantul oferă servicii de livrare.

Obiectivul companiei, până la sfârșitul anului, este să crească gradul de recunoaștere al conceptului și să câștige cotă de piață pe zona de livrări, extrem de solicitată, în această perioadă.

“Anul acesta este unul de reconfigurare, în care nu putem vorbi despre obiective financiare, dar, pentru 2021, în contextul în care restricțiile ar putea fi reduse, iar consumul ar intra într-o linie ascendentă, constantă, preconizăm că Puiu’ Mamii va reprezenta 35-40% din cifra de afaceri a companiei Fabrica Ospitalității”, închide Ionuț Ivan. (Comunicat de presa – noiembrie 2020)

Red Angus, o treaba americana foarte bine facuta

Am fost de multe ori la ei, intre timp. Nu am mai scris pentru ca totul e necschimbat, de la ambianta la meniu. Ceea ce e mai degraba de bine, pentru ca Red Angus e un restaurant foarte bine amenajat, iar vita e excelenta. Nu a fost o surpriza, asadar, sa se regaseasca din nou printre catigatorii competitiei Topul Restocracy al Mancarurilor si la ultima editie pentru data la care scriu, in 2019. (GB – martie 2020)

Cel mai bun steak(house) din Bucuresti

Am revenit la Rad Angus de mai multe ori de la primul comentariu, cel de la sfarsitul lui februarie de anul trecut, insa nu am mai scris desspre ei, si pentru ca nu mai era nimic nou de zis, fiind un restaurant destul de constant.

De mentionat doar ca la editia din acest an a Topului Restocracy al Mancarurilor din Bucuresti, Red Angus au primit premiul pentru Cel mai bun steak din Bucuresti (vita nejaponeza). (GB – august 2018)

Vita de cea mai buna calitate in Centrul Istoric .

Red Angus e unul dintre restaurantele steakhouse cunoscute deja ale Bucurestiului si ale Centrului Vechi, in coltul dinspre Piata Unirii, unde sunt ruinele de la Curtea Veche.

Red Angus are doua niveluri, la etaj fiind mai mult salon de evenimente si de muzica. E foarte frumos amenajat, stil country american, ceva Western tarziu pana spre anii 50.

Red Angus e un steakhouse, asa cum spune si numele din prima, specific american, cu multa vita, dar si cate un fel sau doua de pui si de porc. Ca mai toata bucataria americana – stilul american de a gati, mai bine spus, pentru ca „bucatarie americana” e greu de definit si de descris – mancarea se bazeaza aproape exclusiv pe calitatea carnii si a celorlalte produse si mai putin pe retete, care sunt relativ simple, in marea lor majoritate.

Au carne de cea mai buna calitate la Red Angus. La inceput au avut Black Angus din America, nu stiu daca mai e si acum, la ultimele vizite la ei am vazut vita australiana, la fel de buna, si din Uruguay. Tot ce e carne la Red Angus e foarte bun la gust, bine gatit si prezentat. Nu am fost in America, nu stiu ce gust are mancarea aceasta la ei acasa, insa presupun ca e la fel cu ce gasesti in farfuriile de la Red Angusul bucurestean. Serviciul e si el bun, preturile rezonabile pentru o astfel de mancare.

Red Angus este, deci, unul dintre restaurantele steakhouse de referinta ale Bucurestiului, cu vita de cea mai buna calitate, cu bucatari care stiu sa o gateasca foarte bine si, mai ales, la fel de fiecare data, fara surprize. (GB – februarie 2017)

Saloanele americane

Dragos Panait este proprietarul restaurantului Red Angus din Bucuresti, dar si al unei locatii ce include un restaurant, un hotel si o sala de evenimente, la Constanta.

Dragos Panait a studiat la Webster University din Viena, unde a absolvit Facultatea de Administrarea Afacerilor. Revenind in tara, a dorit achizitionarea unei francize. Ce si-a dorit a fost ca locatia pe care o creaza sa ofere constanta. Cand merge la Viena frecventeaza anumite locatii pentru ca stie ca acolo se livreaza constant anumite produse. Acest lucru si l-a dorit si pentru locatiile pe care le-a creat.

Restocracy: Ce ne puteti spune despre locatiile pe care le detineti?

Dragos Panait: Am inceput in 2010, cand a fost deschis Red Angus. Ce ne-am dorit a fost ca Red Angus sa fie pozitionat intr-o zona in care sa exprime ceva. Astfel, am ales Centrul Vechi al Bucurestiului si Muzeul de la Curtea Domneasca. Ne-am ales un target destul de bine definit la inceput, si anume segmentul de varsta 30+, si oameni care apreciaza un eviroment, ceva ce depaseste stadiul de a iesi in oras si a manca ceva repede. O experienta culinara. Aceste lucruri mi-am dorit sa le exprimam de la inceput.

Astfel, am deschis Red Angus in 2010, unde am lucrat cu un consultant britanic la inceput, el lucrand 3 luni inainte si 3 luni dupa deschidere. El a facut tot ceea ce tine de partea de meniu, plating, amenajarea bucatariei, amenajarea interioara, training cu angajatii si, in tot acest timp, a avut langa el un Bucatar-Sef, cel care urma sa preia mai departe bucataria, pe numele lui Marian Huzu, cu care lucram pana in prezent.

Am mers pe o locatie si un eviroment, care sa exprime o experienta de la intrare si pana la iesirea din restaurant, scopul nefiind doar pe partea de mancare, ci si parea de ambient, servicii etc. De aceea, am creat ambientul bazandu-ne pe studiile de clienti, pe care le-am realizat anterior. Astfel, am utilizat materiale care sa creeze sentimentul de intimitate: caramida a fost taiata neregulat, panourile de iluminat sunt piese originale de la motociclete Harley Davidson, lemnul este de la un hambar vechi din Maramures (din 1899), care a fost demontat, tratat si remontat la noi, barul am dorit sa fie masiv, dar sa ofere ceva calduros, asa ca am ales combinatia de fier, lemn si piele spre a oferi aceasta senzatie de caldura.

Am creat un sistem procedural in interior, astfel incat astazi Red Angus functioneaza pe proceduri bine definite de inchidere, deschidere, receptie marfa, training etc.

In 2016 am inaugurat Casa Hrisicos, o locatie deschisa in Constanta, intr-o cladire monument (de la 1903) reabilitata integral, prin salvarea fatadei originale a cladirii. Locatia e compusa din: 3 subsoluri, parter, mezantin, si doua etaje. Am deschis restaurantul, urmand ca pe viitor sa inauguram hotelul si sala de evenimente.

Restocracy: Ce schimbari majore credeti ca vor fi pe piata restaurantelor din Bucuresti in urmatorii 5 sau 10 ani? Vor aparea concepte noi de localuri publice, categorii noi de mancaruri, servicii?

Dragos Panait: Schimbarile cred ca vor fi foarte mult in zona de tehnologie, de interior al restaurantului. Chiar zilele trecute am urmarit un film in care se prezenta cum isi petreceau oamenii timpul in restaurante acum 20 de ani, si cum il petrec acum. Atunci petreceau intre 45 de minute si o ora si, daca erau insotiti, purtau conversatii, in timp ce astazi vedem doua persoane stand la aceeasi masa cu telefoanele in fata, neavand nici un dialog, petrecand chiar si doua ore.

Noi am incercat sa stam cat mai departe de tehnologie in restaurant, pentru ca nu cred in ea foarte mult. Nu fac restaurante pentru fast-food, n-am facut niciodata si n-am avut in cap asa ceva. De aceea, cand merg intr-un restaurant ma astept sa nu-mi torn singur in pahare sau sa apas pe vreun buton, deci ma astept ca cineva sa ma serveasca la masa.

Restocracy: Cum credeti ca va influenta tehnologia businessurile de restaurante in urmatorii 5 sau 10 ani?

Dragos Panait: Depinde ce inseamna tehnologia. Cea din spatele restaurantului este foarte buna! Este un program la care lucram acum, pentru a fi mai eficienti la plasarea de comenzi, sa cream o platforma pentru delivery, lucram la tehnologizarea in bucatarie astfel incat sa nu mai fim mereu dependenti de persoane pentru a pune in functiune un aparat pentru a gati un anumit produs. Sigur ca resimtim lipsa de personal existenta pe piata, si atunci incercam sa gasim diferite lucruri pe care sa le inovam si sa ne fie mai usor, incat clientul sa nu resimta aceasta diferenta. Astfel, tehnologia din spatele restaurantului ar trebui sa fie la superlativ, evident in functie de bugetului fiecarui restaurant.

Restocracy: In ce directie credeti ca va evolua ambianta din restaurante in urmatorii 5 sau 10 ani: dimensiunile localurilor, amenajarile, decorurile, mobilierul si aranjarea meselor etc.?

Dragos Panait: Am vazut ca astazi exista multe restaurante in holuri, cum sunt deja unele pe la noi si vor mai aparea si altele. Din punctul meu de vedere nu este nici bine nici rau, depinde de clienti! Noi incercam sa ne dezvoltam pe acelasi segment propus initial, de a crea intimitate omului la masa. De aceea, nu voi face niciodata un restaurant cu o sala foarte mare, asa cum exista unele restaurante pe partea de pranz, unde totul trebuie sa mearga repede. Pe partea de cina nivelul de intimitate trebuie sa existe permanent.

In ceea ce priveste partea de mobilier, am vazut ca multe restaurante mizeaza pe amenajari moderne, futuriste, urbane, industriale etc. Ele exista, functioneaza, insa nu stim cat vor rezista, pentru ca la 5-6 ani se schimba trend-ul, asa cum s-a intamplat si cu burgerii

Restocracy: Ce restaurante vor disparea in urmatorii ani, care vor fi cele care vor ramane si se vor dezvolta?

Dragos Panait: Cred ca pe piata vor rezista restaurantele care pot suplini intai serviciile. Aminteam de burgeri. In 2010, cand noi am introdus burgerul, nu cred ca puteam numara in Bucuresti peste 20 de restaurante cu burgeri, in timp ce astazi, daca verifici 300 de restaurante, aproape toate au burgeri in meniu. Partea buna este ca la inceput nu se punea mare accent pe carnea din burgheri. Noi am lucrat foarte mult la acest aspect, pentru ca de la inceput avem aceeasi reteta de burger, avem aceeasi persoana care ne face burgerii, acelasi mix de carne si facem painea in fiecare zi.

Asadar, cred ca vor ramane pe piata restaurantele care isi vor mentine serviciile, care nu trebuie neaparat sa creasca nivelul de valoare al produselor intr-o zona unde nu il poti controla. De principiu, eu merg foarte mult pe ideea de a crea constanta in livrare.

Restocracy: Ce produse sunt cel mai greu de gasit in Bucuresti? Ce ati vrea sa fie mai usor de gasit? Cum credeti ca vor evolua lucrurile pe piata furnizorilor in urmatorii ani?

Dragos Panait: Legumele si fructele. Noi avem o problema foarte mare in achizitia de legume si fructe. Am schimbat doar anul acesta 3-4 furnizori. Nu accept ca un fruct sa nu miroasa specific. Ma astept ca o rosie sa aiba, pe langa culoare, atat zeama cat si gust. Tuturor furnizorilor cu care am colaborat le-am spus: „Daca imi aduceti o rosie de care nici voi nu sunteti convinsi ca e rosie, atunci nu va obositi!”

De asemenea, constanta in livrare a furnizorilor, care isi modifica preturile. Noi avem un sistem destul de dur in interior, unde exista o confirmare de pret catre furnizor inainte de livrare si o confirmare a celui care face receptia, astfel incat daca se schimba pretul de la momentul comenzii si pana la livrarea catre noi, furnizorul va fi refuzat. Am incercat sa cream o modalitate corecta de functionare intre noi si furnizori. Din pacate, la legume si fructe avem o lipsa destul de mare.

Al doilea produs, cu lipsa foarte mare, este carnea de vita. Eu astazi sunt obligat sa nu dau banii in Romania, ci in alta tara, ca sa imi aduca produsele de vita, pentru ca la noi, fie este un produs provenit, atat din animalele crescute si pentru carne, dar si pentru lapte, ceea ce nu este firesc, fie nu exista constanta in livrare, fie nu are gust. De aceea, sunt nevoit sa comand in fiecare luna din afara, pentru ca, daca ne modificam calitatea de carne de vita, ne inchidem restaurantul. Sunt foarte multi clienti fideli, care vin pentru fix aceleasi produse. In momentul in care schimbi aceste lucruri pierzi tot ce inseamna personalitatea restaurantului tau!

Restocracy: Ce restaurante credeti ca fac cel mai rau pietei gastronomiei publice din Romania? Cine face concurenta neloiala pe piata restaurantelor din Bucuresti?

Dragos Panait: Cine vinde la negru! Nu cred ca ar putea cineva sa raspunda altceva la aceasta intrebare. Nu este problema mea sa discut de spre altii, insa astazi ne luptam in piata cu nefiscalizarea!

Restocracy: Cand se vorbeste despre restaurantele din Bucuresti, cele mai multe reprosuri sunt aduse nu mancarii, nu ambiantei, nici preturilor, ci serviciilor. De ce credeti ca se intampla asta? Care credeti ca ar fi serviciul ideal asteptat de catre clientela dumneavoastra? Cum credeti ca va evolua serviciul in restaurantele din Bucuresti in urmatorii 5 sau 10 ani?

Dragos Panait: Acest aspect cred ca va merge foarte prost pe viitor, nefiind masuri luate in piata. Am impresia ca se forteaza cat mai mult lucrurile ca sa trimitem oamenii in afara. Astfel, eu am aici 7 oameni care sunt cu mine inca de la deschidere (2010). Ca sa ii tin este destul de greu, pentru ca trebuie sa le ofer o multime de lucruri. Problema principala este ca, din cauza taxelor, din cauza lipsei de implicare a scolilor de profil, nu exista forta de munca. Noi am lucrat cu doua institutii de profil de unde am recrutat niste copii, pe care i-am instruit. Dincolo de faptul ca majoritatea copiilor veneau cu un outfit nepotrivit, ei nu voiau sa lucreze, fiind preocupati de alte lucruri. Problema este de sistem. Nu exista scoli care sa ii formeze corespunzator, iar copiii au alte asteptari si se gandesc sa profeseze doar temporar in acest domeniu.

Am tot respectul pentru oamenii mei. In prezent, nu este nimeni dintre cei care lucreaza aici, care sa vina doar pentru ca trebuie sa vina. Am incercat sa creez altfel de ambient in interiorul echipei, pentru ca toata atitudinea echipei se transfera clientului.

Restocracy: Ce tara apreciati cel mai mult din punctul de vedere al pietei restaurantelor, si cu care ati vrea sa semene mai mult restaurantele din Romania?

Dragos Panait: Nu cred ca este cineva care nu spune ca apreciaza Italia sau Franta. Cred ca ele sunt trendsetter-ele in domeniul gastronomiei. Cand merg in Italia sau Franta, niciodata nu merg in restaurantele din centru, acolo totul este foarte comercial. Merg unde sunt restaurante foarte renumite, in restaurante mici sau de familie.

Ca Romania sa atinga acest standard depinde foarte mult de legislatie, care sa fie facila, dar si de dezvoltare. Sunt asociatii care incearca sa dezvolte proiecte, dar este nevoie de sprijin din partea Statului si a Primariei. Exista cereri depuse de luni de zile, la care nu am primit niciun raspuns.

Ca un sistem sa functioneze trebuie ca el sa fie sprijinit din toate directiile: restaurante, autoritati, pentru ca totul se reflecta asupra clientului.

Astazi, Centrul Vechi este liderul Bucurestiului in ceea ce priveste distractia, mancarea etc. Si constatam ca acest spatiu, cu peste 200 de locatii, nu beneficiaza de servicii decente de curatenie, de paza etc.

Restocracy: Care este strategia restaurantului/lantului de restaurante pe care le conduceti pentru urmatorii 2/3 ani?

Dragos Panait: Dorim sa deschidem hotelul din Constanta, un concept cu totul deosebit, care include hotel, restaurant (deja deschis) si sala de evenimente.

Pentru Red Angus suntem in discutii pentru francizele din Cluj si Timisoara. Totodata, cautam a doua locatie pentru Red Angus in Capitala, dar trebuie sa fie o locatie ideala. Avem un studiu facut cu clientii nostrii, pe care i-am intrebat unde vad a doua locatie Red Angus, iar raspunsul a fost simplu: aici! Pentru ca este un spatiu care include totul si este greu de replicat in alta parte.

Restocracy: Cu ce se diferentiaza restaurantul/lantul de restaurante pe care-l conduceti fata de competitia dumneavoastra? Va ganditi si la alte elemente de diferentiere pe care doriti sa le implementati in viitor? Ne puteti dezvalui unul dintre ele?

Dragos Panait: Red Angus se diferentiaza prin personalitatea lui. Fiecarui angajat care vine la noi primeste un manual pe care trebuie sa il inteleaga. Manualul inseamna niste notiuni destul de simple, care ii invata sa ofere nu numai un serviciu la masa, ci o experienta. Aceasta cred ca este o locatie care se vinde foarte bine, dar care trebuie sa isi pastreze aceasta baza. Daca inovam, daca schimbam clientii, nu va merge! De 7 ani noi incercam sa avem acelasi look in restaurant, sa fie ca la deschidere. Personalitatea restaurantului, prin serviciu si prin ambianta, il face diferit fata de celelalte. Noi am incercat ca prin tot ceea ce avem in interior sa ne axam pe clientul pe care l-am stabilit initial.

Restocracy: Care sunt masurile pe care le intreprindeti pentru a atrage si retine oameni competenti in cadrul companiei pe care o conduceti? Cat la suta din cifra de afaceri investiti in dezvoltarea oamenilor pe care-i conduceti?

Dragos Panait: Legat de oameni, conteaza foarte mult tonul pe care le vorbesti. Conteaza ca mai intai sa inteleaga ca fac parte din ceva si ca nu sunt pusi sa faca ceva. In momentul in care esti pus sa faci ceva, lucrezi pana cand gasesti alt job, dar cand esti parte din ceva te consideri grup. In prezent, oamenii cu care lucrez, nu stiu daca sunt cei mai buni din piata, dar sunt cei mai loiali.

Alt punct principal este faptul ca le comunic trimestrial rezultatele firmei. Este important pentru ei sa inteleaga de ce vreau sa fie mai mult prezenti la masa. Nu am incercat niciodata sa facem upselling agresiv. De aceea, insist foarte mult cu ei, pe partea de training, ca sa se puna in locul clientului, nu al proprietarului. Unii dintre angajati, cand vin la noi, se asteapta sa tipam la ei, sa faca upselling etc. Cine nu se potriveste cu grupul, nici nu trebuie sa il dau eu afara, il da grupul.

In prezent, incercam sa nu existe sezonalitate pentru angajati. Se platesc toate concediile, toate zilele si orele suplimentare, incat sa le creez confort.

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